Feng Shui taboo of home entry shoe cabinet decoration

Putting shoe cabinets at the entrance is a very common decoration style, which can be more convenient for our daily life. However, there are a lot of stress and taboos in the placement of shoe cabinets at the entrance and the decoration of shoe cabinets. I don’t know. Do you know anything about this? If you don’t understand, you might as well follow Fstips to have a look ” hellip” hellip;

the decoration of the shoe cabinet is too high

shoes are placed in the shoe cabinet. Shoes are the tools we wear and walk every day, so shoes should not be placed too high. For this reason, your shoe cabinet should not be decorated too high! According to Feng Shui, the normal height of the shoe cabinet should be within one-third of the overall height of the house. In this way, the decoration of the shoe cabinet is more in line with the stress of Feng Shui, and can also make the Feng Shui atmosphere of the home better. But if your shoe cabinet is decorated too high and exceeds this height, it will violate the theory of Feng Shui and touch the taboo in Feng Shui. You should know that once the shoe cabinet decoration is too high, it means that your shoes should be placed too high, but when the shoes are placed too high, our luck will be affected, and we will encounter villains in life. For a long time, we will be framed by villains, which will affect our career, life and life, resulting in everything unhappy! In any case, the design of the shoe cabinet should not be too high

the shoe cabinet is facing the door

when placing the shoe cabinet, many people don’t pay much attention to the placement position of the shoe cabinet and think that as long as the shoe cabinet is placed at the entrance door, it can be convenient for our daily life; But in fact, in Feng Shui, there are certain requirements for the placement position and orientation of shoe cabinets, and there are Feng Shui taboos to pay attention to! Generally speaking, the shoe cabinet should not be placed facing the gate. If the shoe cabinet is placed facing the gate, the foul gas and dirty gas in the shoe cabinet will affect the gas field of the gate; As the gas receiving port of the whole home, once the gas field is polluted, it means that the gas field of the whole home is polluted. It can be seen that placing the shoe cabinet in this way will destroy the Feng Shui gas field of the whole home, which is also a Feng Shui taboo that we must pay attention to

leakage of shoe cabinet

many people like to place some shoe cabinets without doors to leak the whole shoe cabinet. In fact, such decoration design is very unsightly. Seeing the shoes directly will make people feel that the home is messy. In this way, it will have a certain impact on the feng shui of the home. Therefore, the shoe cabinet should not be designed to leak out, and it is not suitable to put the shoe cabinet without door; From another point of view, if the shoe cabinet leaks and there is no door, the foul gas in the shoe cabinet can easily pollute the surrounding environment. Such decoration has a great impact on the overall Feng Shui

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