What kind of material is most beneficial to Feng Shui in the kitchen

The five elements of the kitchen belong to fire, but it is actually a place where water and fire collide. It is not particularly auspicious in itself, but the feng shui of the kitchen can be improved through decoration

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first of all, it’s best to choose the material of five elements of gold for the kitchen wall. One of the five elements is made of gold, and the five elements match. The two elements are cold in gold. Ceramic tiles are ideal materials, but they should be elegant and give people a feeling of neatness

secondly, the antifouling performance of kitchen wall tiles is good, and the kitchen fume is heavy, which is also an important aspect of the bad luck of kitchen Feng Shui. The walls of the kitchen had better be pasted with flat and smooth ceramic tiles for easy cleaning. The color should be mainly white. White also belongs to gold, and white gives people a clean feeling

the operating table and floor of the kitchen should be made of materials with good waterproof performance, which can reduce the collision between water and fire in the kitchen, and the non humid kitchen can turn the situation of water and fire into the combination of water and fire. The ceiling of the kitchen is also fastidious. Because the fire and gas rush directly, the heat resistance effect of the ceiling material should be relatively good, which can play a certain role in resisting the evil gas generated by the stove

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