Kitchen stove Feng Shui taboo

The stove belongs to fire in the attribute of five elements, and water overcomes fire. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid things with water. But the kitchen must have a sink for washing vegetables and dishes, so the location of the sink and stove needs special attention

generally speaking, the pool and stove should be placed vertically, and the stove should be slightly higher than the dishwasher, rather than placed in parallel, which is conducive to Feng Shui

in addition, the stove should not be placed next to the refrigerator, especially between the sink and the refrigerator, which will cause water and fire intolerance and complicated disasters. In addition, dishwashers and washing machines also belong to water in the five element attribute. As long as they belong to water, they should not be placed together with the stove

in addition to avoiding water objects in the five element attributes, the stove should also pay attention to the reasonable and safe setting in space

first, it is not suitable to be close to the cabinet. Being close to the cabinet is easy to cause oil fume to enter and affect health. In Feng Shui, the main unclean things take advantage of the weak point

Second, don’t put the stove under the suspended cabinet. On Feng Shui, there is a scene of beam capping, which will cause migraine, vision loss and other symptoms for people who cook below for a long time. From the perspective of Feng Shui, beam capping is a sign of impending disaster, which needs to be avoided

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