What should I pay attention to when choosing a stove

What kind of stove to choose plays an important role in the feng shui of the kitchen. Therefore, the choice of stove needs to be based on practical requirements and certain Feng Shui principles. Generally speaking, it is best to choose an open fire stove, that is, a stove that can see the flame, such as a gas stove, a liquefied stove, or an electric stove that can burn red

food made with open fire is good for health. In Feng Shui, the owner’s family is prosperous, the days are prosperous and the financial resources are extensive. It can disperse the Yin and turbidity in the house and promote the convection of vitality. However, it should be noted that it is better not to choose a stove without fire and no heat. For example, induction cooker is a typical one. Now many families use induction cooker for convenience, speed and safety, but in fact, induction cooker is not conducive to health. Electromagnetic wave will be generated when induction cooker works, which will destroy the surrounding magnetic field, cause people’s unfit environment, destroy the surrounding gas field and cause the phenomenon of wealth leakage, Make quarrels between family members and disharmony between husband and wife. Moreover, we should try our best to avoid using microwave ovens and other wavy cookers, but they can be used as auxiliary cookers

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