What should we pay attention to when decorating the gate

Door decoration is the first taboo in material selection. The selection of materials for the gate can not be matched with the five elements of the owner. There are so many members in a family. Whose five acts prevail? From the perspective of Feng Shui, the gate symbolizes the face of the house. Naturally, it is necessary to choose the five elements of the head of a family. If the five elements of the master of the house are short of wood, it is not suitable to choose metal doors and Jinke wood, which will inhibit the promotion of the master’s career; The five elements of a family are short of water, so it is not suitable to choose plastic doors. The five elements of plastic doors are soil; The head of the family is short of soil, so it is not suitable to choose wooden doors

the second is the taboo on decoration color. The color of the gate cannot conflict with the orientation. If the door is opened in the East and Southeast, white door should not be selected; Open in the south, do not choose a black door. Open in the West and northwest, do not choose the vermilion door; Open in the north, do not choose yellow or brown doors; Open in the northeast and southwest, should not choose the cyan door

of course, this is not an absolute taboo. It is best to comprehensively consider various factors so that the five elements will not be too prosperous without restraint. For example, if the five elements Muwang door is opened in the East, you can use the metal door to restrain the wood Qi

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