Feng Shui taboo of kitchen stove decoration

From the perspective of Feng Shui, the position of the stove has the following taboos:

① the stove must avoid water. Because the attribute of the stove in the five elements is fire, water and fire can not be tolerated. Therefore, try to avoid placing the stove together with things belonging to water or with water in the five elements. If the kitchen is relatively small and can not be avoided, it is also necessary to have a buffer zone between the stove and the pool, and avoid refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, etc. In addition, the stove cannot be set above the water channel, and the sewage of the toilet cannot flow under the stove

② the stove must avoid the wind and the air outlet. It should not be directly facing the door and window, nor should it be placed in front of or under the window, because in Feng Shui, it symbolizes that the wealth of the family is blown away and the family is helpless

③ the stove should not be under the beam, which is above the stove. On the one hand, it is easy to depress the cook mentally; On the other hand, it also causes downward pressure on Feng Shui, affecting the fortune of family members

④ do not lean on the back of the stove. The stove is the key to kitchen Feng Shui. The open back is easy to attract wind, resulting in unstable flames. If the wind blows to the stove, it will take away wealth and easily lead to no guarantee of family income

⑤ the stove should not be opposite to the door of the room, whether it is the kitchen door, bedroom door or door, because in the traditional Chinese Feng Shui concept, the stove is the source of life, and Feng Shui emphasizes ” Eater, Lu Ye ” , It should not be collided by the external Qi brought by the doorway. In the kitchen decoration, the installation of cooking utensils should comply with certain Feng Shui principles. They should be placed in some auspicious directions and avoid some unfavorable directions for house transportation

the specific points are as follows:

① it is appropriate to face east or Southeast. The eight trigrams in these two directions are earthquake and Xun trigrams. The five elements belong to wood. Wood generates fire, which is conducive to Feng Shui and is mainly assisted by noble people

② it is better to go to the northeast, which is the root, the five elements belong to soil, and the fire generates soil, which is the phase of medium auspiciousness

③ it is better to go to the south. The South belongs to fire, which can help the fire of the stove. It shows the joy of making progress in Feng Shui, which belongs to the phase of small auspiciousness

④ avoid going west or northwest, because these two directions correspond to the exchange and qiangua in the eight trigrams. The five elements belong to gold, and fire conquers gold. There are many difficult things for the master’s family; ⑤ In the southwest, the eight trigrams are Kun, belonging to the earth, and the obsidian is a disease symbol. The master’s family is sick

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