How to decorate the restaurant

A good restaurant location can bring wealth to the family. The location of the restaurant and the kitchen is best adjacent to avoid too far away. Of course, it’s better to be the dining room as soon as you get out of the kitchen. Generally, the restaurant at home should not be set in the kitchen. Because of the large oil fume and heat, you can’t eat easily in it. The dining room is set up in the following Jifang, that is, the East, Southeast, South and north of the house. The orientation of the dining room must be selected according to the specific situation in order to create a good dining environment

the four directions are East, South, West and North, and the eight directions are East, Southeast, South, southwest, West, northwest, North and northeast. In geomantic omen, eight trigrams are converted into eight trigrams, which correspond to earthquake trigrams in the East, Xun trigrams in the southeast, Gen trigrams in the northeast, Kan trigrams in the north, Qian trigrams in the northwest, dui trigrams in the west, Kun trigrams in the southwest and Li trigrams in the south

Feng Shui believes that from the whole house to the restaurant, to the dining table, every chair and even the ” Gas field ” ; All hidden in gossip. Bagua is actually a further precise calculation from the perspective of the southeast and northwest. Bagua covers various corresponding relationships such as climate temperature difference, air flow strength, cold and warm in different places throughout the year. Therefore, compass (an object shaped like a plate formed by the combination of compass and eight diagrams) is also called ” Gossip, It is an indispensable equipment for studying the specific good and bad directions of the dining room

in restaurant Feng Shui, orientation and pattern are the key points. If you design a restaurant in a prosperous area, you can make your family prosperous. On the contrary, if you don’t have good luck, you can make your family prosperous. The orientation of the restaurant can be calculated by eight trigrams, that is, eight houses can be obtained by integrating eight trigrams into eight directions, and then eight trigrams can be used to deduce the good and bad of all parties. This is eight trigrams ” Regulate Qi ” ; The foundation of

of course, the current home design usually has no special restaurant area, but the natural extension outside the kitchen door or the area outside the living room. It is completely open, and some bar tables are also designed here. There is no need for the restaurant to specially design a closed room in the home. It is also very convenient to integrate in the public area. The graphic design and layout of the restaurant should fully consider the space for people to walk around and the distance between cupboards, refrigerators, tables and chairs. Everything should be arranged conveniently and reasonably. At the same time, pay attention to the natural and smooth transition space from the restaurant to other areas, and do not interfere with the activities and passage of other areas. From the perspective of Feng Shui, there is ” Chen has golden water ” ; It is said that if the restaurant is located in this location, there is a good omen of prosperity. However, the southwest is dangerous, so it is not suitable to set the restaurant in this direction

most people want to eat without being disturbed. Therefore, the pattern and layout of the restaurant must also have its taboos. For example, the dining table cannot be directly opposite the door. If it is really unavoidable, it can be blocked by a screen. The restaurant should not be in six places. In addition to the health of the owner of the restaurant, it is required to be neat and unified. The plants in the restaurant can be yellow roses, yellow carnation, yellow Suxin, etc. in short, orange is the main color to increase appetite and promote health. The light in the restaurant should be soft, and so on

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