What is better for the light in the study

The lighting of the study is better with the intertwined layout of fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps, which can achieve the effect of moving and static freely, but it can not be placed with too fancy colored lamps, which is dazzling and suddenly tired, and it is necessary to avoid using floor headlights to illuminate the back of the head directly. Generally speaking, the desk should be placed in a place with sufficient light and fresh air

as the place where the master reads and writes, the study has high requirements for lighting and daylighting. If the human eye works in too strong and weak light, it will have a great impact on vision. It is best to put the writing desk by the window with sufficient sunshine but not direct sunlight. The writing desk is generally set at right angles to the window, so the natural light angle is more suitable. In addition to using natural light, the study should also have overall lighting facilities and auxiliary light sources on the desk. The auxiliary light sources should be evenly distributed on the desktop. The light source is best shot from the left rear to facilitate the activities such as writing and reading

the light source of the writing desk lamp set at the writing desk or the wall lamp set on the wall should also be illuminated from the left rear or left front. A movable support lamp is set on the side wall of the desk, which can well adjust the direction and height of the light source. However, it should be noted that the light of the desk lamp should be evenly irradiated in the place where reading and writing are carried out. It should not be too close to people to avoid glare of strong light

generally, lamps shall be equipped with chandeliers for lighting, wall lamps and desk lamps for local lighting. In addition, it can also be equipped with a small bedside lamp, which can be moved at will. It can be placed on the partition of the combined cabinet, or on the tea table or small cabinet. The study lighting should be simple. On the premise of ensuring the illumination, it can be equipped with milky white or light yellow wall lamp and ceiling lamp

the size of the window in the study should be coordinated with the overall household shape of the study. The size of the window should be moderate. If the window is too large, the internal Qi is difficult to gather, empty but not solid, which is not conducive to concentration; Too small is dim, which makes people feel dark and depressed, which is not conducive to learning. The best orientation of the window is towards the East and south. The East and South are the direction to the sun, which is conducive to daylighting and Qi, and is conducive to opening wisdom. In the East, it belongs to the position of green dragon. It is prosperous and prosperous. It faces the south. In Feng Shui, it is said that the north faces the south. The north is the back, the south is the front, and the window faces the south. It has plenty of sunshine and comfortable air, which is conducive to concentrated learning

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