Why should the toilet be set in the due east or Southeast

The orientation of the bathroom is particularly important in bathroom feng shui. Choosing a suitable orientation can dissolve the evil spirit generated by the bathroom and give full play to the Feng Shui role of the bathroom. In the residence, the toilet is best located in the due east or Southeast

this is because the East and Southeast directions are good directions for sun exposure and ventilation in the house. Sufficient sunshine and good ventilation help to keep the bathroom dry and refreshing, but also conducive to sterilization and good health

in addition, as far as home feng shui is concerned, the two directions of Zhengdong and Southeast belong to Zhengua and Xun Gua respectively. In the five elements attribute, wood belongs to wood. Wood represents thriving vitality, which can just regulate the Yin Qi of the filthy toilet. At the same time, according to the principle of water and wood, the water in the toilet can also flourish the wood Qi in these two directions, which will enhance the flow of house vitality and make the family full of lively atmosphere and vitality

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