Feng shui plants in home office and study room

Feng shui plants in home office and study room

There are many feng shui taboos and tips of plants in home office and study room. For example, Vine plants are not suitable for home office and study room, due to Vine plants cause higher humidity in the room. If you have large study room, you can arrange some bonsai and mountain ” water landscape in the room. It can help you to get harmony, grace and quiet environment for studying and working. Below are must see feng shui plant tips of home office and study room.

Do not place too many plants in the room. If your room is small, you can place some small conifers plants, such as asparagus fern. Any other smart and nice bonsai also good choice. Those plants also can relax you during busy study or work.

feng shui plant and flower Asparagus fern in bedroom1
feng shui plant and flower Asparagus fern in home office and study room

Foliage plants are good for study and home office room. For example, Rohdea japonica, Cordyline terminalis, arrowroot, chlorophytum comosum, kaffir lily, Radermachera.

Do not place colorful and heavy fragrance flower plant in you study and home office room. those flowers plant will affect your work and study efficiency.

Lucky bamboo, evergreen plants and water plants can help to get positive feng shui energy in your study room and home office room.

feng shui plant for prosperity lucky bamboo
feng shui plant for prosperity lucky bamboo

Hope those feng shui tips for plant of your study and home office room can help you to get positive feng shui energy. Good luck! Any question you can contact with us through email to get our feng shui master assistance.

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Feng shui tips for office and study plants:

  1. Position your desk to face the door, known as the “command position.” This allows you to see everything happening around you and feel more in control.
  2. Placing plants behind your desk can create a protective and supportive energy. Plants like the money plant, the jade plant, or the snake plant are excellent choices, as they radiate calm and relaxation.
  3. A Rubber Plant is another great choice for the study room as it is believed to enhance focus, memory, and productivity.
  4. Plants with sharp or spiky leaves like cactus or succulents should be avoided in the office. Instead, choose plants with soft, rounded leaves, like the Peace Lily or the Spider Plant, which help to purify the air.
  5. Placing a Crystal Tree on your desk is said to bring in a powerful energy of abundance and prosperity.
  6. Make sure your plants are well-maintained and healthy, as wilted or dead plants can create negative energy.
  7. Use plants to create a balance between the elements in your office. If your office doesn’t have enough natural light, plants can help to create a better balance of light and air.
  8. Avoid putting plants on the floor in the study room or home office, as it can create stagnant energy. Instead, place them on surfaces like tables and shelves.
  9. Plants with flowers like the Orchid can bring a sense of luxury, which can be helpful when you need to focus on creative, intellectual or artistic work.
  10. You should choose plants based on your preferences and the Feng shui guidance of the Bagua map that will fit in with the decor of your office or study room.

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