What furnishings are suitable for the living room

For the house, the living room is the head of the family, dominating the changes of the whole family. The living room of Feng Shui at home is the most important start

for home feng shui, the most correct feng shui design is the living room as soon as you enter the door, but now buildings often give up feng shui design in order to accommodate the use of terrain and space, so they can only take some remedial measures in indoor decoration

① light: commonly known as: & ldquo; Bright hall and dark room;, It means that the light in the living room should be bright, and it is best to choose circular lighting, which is the meaning of its roundness and fullness

② household appliances: most of the household electrical appliances are concentrated in the living room, such as telephone, TV, stereo, etc., which are usually placed in the living room. Therefore, there are many electrical circuits. It is best to make these circuits hidden or handle them neatly

③ decorations: in addition to decorating the beauty of the living room, some decorations can ward off evil spirits and help home feng shui. For example: ox horn symbolizes fighting victory and avoiding evil spirits, while copper wind chime can make evil spirits. Fish tank in the living room can not only be used as decoration, but also play an active and vivid role in driving wealth and the whole family atmosphere. In addition, besides beautiful scenery and pleasing to the eye, bonsai also has the meaning of endless life. Putting bonsai in the position of wealth represents the meaning of wealth

the living room represents the hub of external communication, so it should be kept clean and tidy at any time to avoid stacking garbage and sundries. If the light bulb or fluorescent lamp is broken, it should be updated as soon as possible, so as to unite the centripetal force of the family and enhance personal wealth