What Feng Shui issues should be considered in house decoration

After each house is bought, the first thing residents consider is how to decorate their new house. When we consider the decoration of new houses, we consider a lot of contents, such as price, pattern, practicality, comfort and so on, but few people consider the contents of Feng Shui

have you considered the content of Feng Shui when decorating the house

but what we should know is that the feng shui of the house is good or bad, which affects the luck of the whole family. To put it bluntly, it is the luck of the family. If you live in a house that will make you very unlucky, I believe that no matter how well decorated, everyone will not be happy. Therefore, Feng Shui must be taken into account in the process of decorating a new house, and even the decoration work must be carried out with feng shui knowledge

here we will introduce some Feng Shui problems that need to be considered when decorating a new house

first of all, considering the basic house pattern, in Feng Shui, many rooms are not relative, such as bathroom and kitchen, bedroom, study and living room, and bedroom and kitchen, gate, etc. these patterns will have a great impact on the room air transportation in the house, so they need to be treated with caution

secondly, the materials and colors of house decoration are also the key points that we need to consider, which will not only affect the beauty of the house, but also affect Feng Shui. For example, in Feng Shui, it is believed that red is a relatively rough color. Although it can bring people a feeling of enthusiasm, it is also a color of blood and terror. Therefore, when decorating the house, don’t release too much big red, otherwise it will make the evil spirit in the house too heavy

finally, in the process of decorating the house, we also need to consider some layout orientation problems, such as the sofa must be placed on the wall in the living room, and the placement orientation of the bed in the bedroom, which will also affect Feng Shui and Qi transportation

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