What are the styles of office decoration

The decoration of the office building must reflect the company’s unique culture and show the company’s philosophy to customers and employees through the corporate culture displayed by the decoration. Therefore, the most important thing for the decoration is the choice of style and the different impression established according to different industries and customers’ needs, The following popular styles can be selected:

(1) stable and heavy

old brand large group companies like to choose the decoration of stable style. This style gives people a sense of dignity and builds the confidence of customers and business partners. From the perspective of decoration characteristics, less large color difference is selected, the shape is relatively conservative, the pattern is square, and the selection of decoration materials is more exquisite, Emphasize the quality and noble temperament

(2) jumping

is not limited to one style, uses a lot of geometric patterns as design elements, has strong brightness contrast, and uses a lot of new decoration materials. It is applicable to the emerging computer information industry and media industry. In the strong decorative effect, new products and features and the atmosphere of the company’s innovative technology can be seen at a glance

(3) creative

suitable for art, art products and brand companies. The modeling is simple, the materials are simple, and the original characteristics are emphasized. It is unique in modeling

(4) concise

concise decoration style is to simply decorate and decorate the office, emphasizing practicality and less decoration and personality. This style is generally suitable for small companies and offices

(5) modern

is generally applicable to small and medium-sized enterprises. Smooth modeling, extensive use of lines, like to decorate every corner with plants, create changes in a small space through the application effect of light and shadow, and find the impact on the soul between the changes of lines and light and shadow

usually in an indoor space, in the principle of allocating rooms, it should cooperate with dragon edge and tiger edge. Electricity is to divide the interior of the office building into left and right sides. The chairman’s office, business department, finance department and other departments should be set in the half of the dragon, and other departments should be set in the tiger side

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