What are the taboos in Feng Shui decoration

What are Feng Shui decoration decoration Feng Shui layout What taboos should we pay attention to? What else should we pay attention to? I’ve found some information about Feng Shui decoration below. I hope it can help you

decoration Feng Shui layout

misunderstanding of decoration Feng Shui layout: one move carelessly loses everything

I. change the house at will

if you are not satisfied with the house you have bought, you’d better not change it casually. For example, all doors can’t go straight. If there is trouble in going straight, there will be obstacles. Like the former quadrangles in Beijing, they all have a screen wall, which is based on this truth. Generally speaking, there should be a file at the door. The position of the gear and the direction of people should move clockwise. If you are really dissatisfied, you can make up for the shortcomings left by the house type design in the space design

Second, the door to the stove

the stove is the place to light a fire and eat at home. Clothes and food belong to the ” Things ” ; The category of food can be exchanged for money, so food is also the category of wealth, which will affect wealth

if the food is burnt and cannot be eaten, it will naturally burn away the wealth

the kitchen of the ancients was generally not adjacent to the bedroom, and another room was used as the kitchen, so the ancients called it the kitchen. Because there is a room. Today, people should not call the kitchen, they should call the kitchen more relevant. Because today’s kitchen and bedroom are in a

house. The ancients said that the door should not be on the stove, which means that if the door is on the stove, if the wind blows, the fire will be unstable, which will affect food and wealth, and it is easy to splash sparks on the stove, so as to be afraid of causing fire and disaster

and today at home. Just note that the door is not directly flushing the stove. If you can see the stove standing outside the gate, it will cause problems in financial transportation. If you can’t see, just the kitchen door facing the stove, don’t worry. Lest you think you are evil everywhere

The dragon spring sword is a good thing to ward off evil spirits, but it can only be placed in the study, never in two places: the bedroom and the living room

the eight trigrams mirror cannot be placed disorderly. If you want to turn evil spirits, you must choose convex mirror, that is, the mirror is bulging; If you happen to have a bank opposite your house, if you want to absorb its wealth, you can put a concave gossip mirror to absorb wealth

IV. the fire is higher than the height of the window

some people say that it’s not good to lean against the window behind the stove, that is, people face the window to cook, but at present, many families will face the window to cook, which will happen in families with exhaust fans. In fact, as long as the height of the stove does not exceed the height of the window

if the fire exceeds the height of the window, it will be easily blown out by the wind. As mentioned above, it will naturally affect wealth. Even if the wind flickers. Therefore, the height of the stove should be lower than that of the windowsill, but don’t worry about facing the window

v. the refrigerator cannot be on the stove

the pool should not be on the stove as far as possible

if your bedroom is next to the kitchen, be careful not to face the stove with your head and feet. If you can’t adjust it, you can face the stove in the bedroom and hang a compass on the wall

the height of someone sleeping on the bed or the height of the stove. It is equivalent to that the compass is buckled on the wall, that is, the surface of the compass should face the stove

VI. bucuo landscape

when you want to hang a large landscape painting at home, you must pay attention to the content of the picture. Most landscape paintings have waterfalls. There must be a pool under the water called cuncai, or the waterfall will wash away your family’s wealth. It’s better not to hang it

if it’s a painting with a boat in the river, remember that the bow must be inward and outward

VII. Bamboo enclosure

if there is a back, there is a hug on the left and right, but the front can’t be enclosed, can’t cover the door and road, and the front should face out

therefore, trees should not cover the gate and the direction of the gate, which is also called dingxinsha

trees are generally best planted on the left side of the house, that is, qinglongfang

tree roots are not allowed to enter the house, easy to attract shade, branches are not allowed to enter the window, easy to get sick, windows are eyes, branches inserted in the window, if inserted in the eye, easy to suffer from eye diseases,

don’t be too close to the house, don’t be too much, easy to absorb house gas

generally do not plant too tall trees Block out the sun

Some people mistakenly believe that the big house must belong to the owner, and the small one must belong to the children and the elderly. Good feng shui must distinguish between primary and secondary houses. We must choose a room with the best phase, the best room pattern, ventilation and abundant sunshine. Such a room is a good room

sometimes the room is not big or small, the function is very important, and the orientation is more important. Therefore, it is not necessary to easily follow the room size and the layout of the developer. This is the master bedroom and that is the second bedroom

IX. put the fish tank in the wrong position

don’t put the fish tank in the wrong position. Don’t put the fish tank in your position

there are many kinds of fortune fish, including parrot fish, arowana, including fairy fish, which can be used as good ornamental and fortune urging fish. But you must not put the fish tank on your family’s wealth position. If you put it on the wealth position, it will no longer attract wealth, but drain wealth, because the wealth position is the water outlet

Where is wealth? There is a simple identification method, that is, the diagonal of your left hand when you enter the house and the diagonal of the left hand of the master’s bedroom. Try not to raise all black fish to attract money. All black fish do not attract money, but they can block evil spirits. If your whole black as like as two peas, you can get rid of it and get it up. p”gt;

10. Raise the wrong plants

don’t raise the wrong plants. Raising the wrong plants is also very miserable

if you want to promote wealth and Feng Shui, don’t choose flowering plants, because some flowering plants can’t attract wealth, but give you some troubles, such as allergies

it is better to choose plants with thick rhizomes, lush, large leaves and like Yang. Sun loving plants will release more energy at home after absorbing more full sunlight, which is of great help to our wealth

Xi. Mistake the niche and the throne

Buddha and God are not the same concept, although they are all images of ancient religions. What does Buddha have? Buddha Sakyamuni, Tathagata Buddha and several Dharma protectors, such as Manjusri Bodhisattva, Guanyin and King Tibetans Bodhisattva. Gods are mainly Taoist, such as the Jade Emperor, the monkey king, fighting to win the Buddha and so on

what niche does the Buddha want, that is, the house? It is closed. It is opened when burning incense and worshipping the Buddha. It is usually closed. It is best to stay at home. God’s throne is open. Make no mistake! Moreover, if you want to believe, you should understand it. Don’t give up halfway, or believe or don’t believe. This is very bad

12. Nail on the door

many people are willing to nail some nails on the back of the door to facilitate hanging things, and they are also willing to nail on the wall. In fact, it is not good. Especially not behind the door. If you must hang something, I suggest you buy traceless hooks

XIII. The air flow is blocked

in order to make the best use of space, we often divide, merge and even transform the space. But don’t forget to leave our windows and vents for yourself

remember, Feng Shui Feng Shui. If you want to make your family spirit work, you must have wind and water. How does the wind come from? The wind comes in through windows, doors and many things with the light, so don’t seal it blindly, which leads you to close yourself in a small box. Be sure to have smooth air flow

14. Sundries are not sorted out

people like Feng Shui, ask for wealth and Buddha, and then are too willing to be clean. Their home is very sloppy. Such people can’t ask for wealth and happiness. Because a person who does not love life and respect his own life, I believe he will not have more good luck

don’t underestimate the sundries in your home, and don’t ignore some corners and places that are not easy to see, because with the accumulation of dust, a lot of miscellaneous gas and some bad gas will accumulate, which will make your luck worse and worse

including water leakage at home. Some gay men are lazy. My wife called and said there was water leakage at home. I’m very busy and don’t have time. Let’s find a basin to answer it. In fact, the wealth of the family leaked out

15. Relative to the wrong door

the toilet door cannot face the bedroom door, and the kitchen door cannot face the door ” hellip” hellip; We are annoyed by too many relative things. Sometimes the house type structure is like this. The designer will suggest that the door be slightly wrong, which is actually extremely wrong

either move to a completely wrong or a positive correspondence. Don’t ” A little wrong ” ;. What if? Just make the color and size of the two doors the same. There’s no need to change them at all

don’t play with your life in decoration. The top ten bad luck Feng Shui arrangements are by no means alarmist

1. There are too many mirrors at home

mirrors are very cold and easy to attract evil in Feng Shui. If there are too many mirrors at home, it will cause the husband and wife to consume money, which means that the husband and wife are very luxurious and flashy. If they buy a lot of things they don’t want, their expenses will exceed their income, Over time, the family’s economy may be getting worse and worse

2. The door post and door leaf are bent or broken

the door post is the four pillars of the door, and the door leaf is the door itself. The door post or door leaf is a little bent or broken, which means that the God of wealth doesn’t come in, but the God of poverty comes in

3. The stove or rice cooker breaks

some people are too lazy to lose the stove or rice cooker when it breaks, but in Feng Shui, it will make you never turn over, and the God of wealth won’t find you

4. The bedside mirror is embedded to provoke ghosts

the owner often has headaches and insomnia. Romance should emphasize principles and Feng Shui, but it can’t affect health because of romance. Many young people decorate their houses in an unconventional way. Who doesn’t know that things are in order, and the contrary is implicated

5. The bed is too close to the glass window

empty and helpless, so it can’t be down-to-earth, which affects the development of the career. In modern metropolis, there are often buildings in front of the building, behind the building and beside the building. The bed is too close to the window, so that the bedroom can not maintain its privacy well; In addition, as the city becomes more and more complicated, annoying noise will pass through this not too thick glass window and affect your sleep” There are many dreams under the window ” ; My statement has also been fulfilled in my practice. According to previous Feng Shui books, lying in bed too close to the window can easily lead to ” Red apricots come out of the wall ” , There is such a saying

6. Bedroom furniture should not be used unevenly

unevenness represents disharmony, and long-term residence is prone to quarrel and trouble

7. Messy bed and underground will affect the master’s luck

in life, many people don’t understand the whole

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