Is there any Feng Shui stress in the installation of wooden floor

Now many people like wood flooring, which is also very common. So what should be paid attention to when installing Feng Shui on the wooden floor? What taboos should we pay attention to when installing wooden floor? The following is to introduce the Feng Shui precautions and taboos of wood floor installation

geomantic omen for wood floor installation

geomantic taboo for wood floor installation and laying

the color of wood floor should be deep: dark color symbolizes massiness, and dark color of wood floor symbolizes deep foundation, which is in line with the way of geomantic omen. If it is required to be brighter, it can be wrapped around with dark stones, and the middle part adopts lighter stones. If you choose to shop carpets, the reason is the same. You should choose carpets with darker colors on the four sides and lighter colors in the middle

the pattern of wooden floor should not have sharp corners to rush the door: there are many patterns of wooden floor, but the content with auspicious meaning should be selected. We must avoid using those patterns with many sharp corners, and it is absolutely inappropriate to rush the door with sharp corners, so as to avoid family unrest and reckless disaster

the wood grain of the wood floor should not directly rush to the door: the wood floor, no matter what kind of wood, should be arranged so that the wood grain tilts to the house. If the running water flows into the house, but the wood grain should not directly rush to the door. If it is directly rushed, it will be bad luck

the wooden floor should not be too smooth: in order to beautify, some people often polish the wooden floor very smoothly, which is very easy to self defeating. From the perspective of home safety, it is not ideal, because family members or guests are easy to slip and get injured

Feng Shui three taboos for wood floor installation

1. The pattern of wood floor should avoid sharp corners

the pattern selected for wood floor installation should avoid sharp corners rushing at the door, so as to avoid family unrest and unnecessary disasters. Master Liu suggested that when choosing the pattern of wooden floor, we should choose the pattern with auspicious meaning

2. Do not flush the wood grain on the wooden floor at the door

when installing the wooden floor, the installation master should avoid that the wood grain of the wooden floor is facing the door, which is bad for the home. Liu Tianshi suggested that when installing the wood floor, pay attention to the texture of the wood floor. No matter what texture, the wood grain should be inclined to the house during installation to give people the feeling of running water into the house

3. The wooden floor should not be too smooth

the installed wooden floor should not be too smooth. From the perspective of convenience of life, the wooden floor should be handled too smooth, which is easy to cause people to slip, especially if there are old people or children at home. Tianshi Liu said that in this case, the floor should not be too slippery, otherwise it is easy to fall and unsafe

Feng Shui in the installation of wooden floor should pay attention to

paving the floor also says ” Favorable timing and location ”

floor paving is not random, but to grasp ” Favorable weather, location and people ” ; Pavement principle of. Xu Guozhong, the supervisor, said that due to the large temperature difference between day and night in spring, attention should be paid to moisture-proof and other problems in the pavement of floors and floor tiles. Therefore, before paving the wooden floor, it is best to lower it at the room temperature of 16 ℃ to 18 ℃ for two days. In addition, the best time to install the floor is ” Favorable weather, location and people ” ; Time period. In short, the day time refers to sunny weather. It is best to install it for about 7 days. It is sunny without rain; Geographical advantage requires that the floor should not be installed before the ground is completely dry; Renhe must find professional workers to install the floor for you. At the same time, a professional damp proof floor mat is paved under the floor to prevent the floor from being damp

it is particularly important to remind that within 48 hours after the floor is paved, avoid walking and placing heavy objects, and leave enough time for floor bonding. The newly paved floor is best cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or broom

intermittent ventilation can remove moisture

in rainy days, try to close the doors and windows facing south or Southeast (i.e. upwind direction) and only open the doors and windows in the downwind direction to reduce the entry of water vapor into the room. When the weather turns sunny, all doors and windows can be opened to accelerate water evaporation

at the same time, since the indoor air humidity is at the highest value at noon, it is not suitable to open windows. It is best to open windows to regulate the indoor air in the afternoon or evening when the climate is relatively dry

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