What are the feng shui knowledge of home door decoration

As a place where a family often goes in and out, the gate is the key hub for good and bad luck in a house. Therefore, no matter what type of house it is, the gate is the most important Feng Shui layout place in the whole house. Proper Feng Shui at the gate can not only protect the safety of the house, but also improve the overall fortune of the residents; However, if the feng shui of the gate is not good, even if the indoor layout is ingenious, the Feng Shui effect will still be discounted. What’s more, it will bring bad luck and make the house uneasy

standard size of door

in Feng Shui, the size of the door of the house can not be ignored. The size of the door must be in proportion to the area of the house. If the area of the house is small, but the door is opened very large, it is equivalent to a large gap in the house. Of course, it is difficult to collect money if the gap is large; If the housing area is large, but the door is very small, this situation will prevent wealth from being brought into the home. Therefore, the gate of a house should match the overall area of the house, and should not be too large or too small

in addition, it should be noted that the lintel should be the same height as the gate; It should also be noted that all doors in the home are not bigger than the door. The fire door must be the largest door in a house, otherwise the family will easily leak money

the color of the door should be avoided

the color of the door should not be too fresh or too heavy. Bright red or black, which are from Yang to Yin, are especially inappropriate. The former is easy to make residents irritable and quarrel with each other, while the latter is easy to make people depressed and unhappy

what color should be used on the gate to be most beneficial to family luck? We should match the color of the gate with the life style of the economic pillar of the family. Generally speaking, if there are many workers at home and more than one economic pillar, you can choose neutral colors such as rice and yellow. These tone attributes are mild and can be used by everyone

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birth season

Mingge attribute

door taboo color

Spring (January to march of the lunar calendar)


Avoid: Green
preferred colors: white, gold and silver
secondary colors: blue, purple and gray

Summer (April to June of the lunar calendar)


Avoid: red and orange colors
first choice: blue, purple and gray colors
second choice: white, gold and silver colors

Autumn (July to September of the lunar calendar)


Avoid: white, gold, silver and other colors
first choice: Green
second choice: red, pink and orange

Winter (October to December of the lunar calendar)

Shuiwang avoid: blue, purple and gray
first choice: red, pink and orange, second choice: Green

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