What is suitable for placing in the aisle

The entrance hall aisle is like the throat of a house, because the door of the house is the air inlet of the house. From the perspective of Feng Shui, most of the Feng Shui gas field in the house enters from the door, so the door is like the entrance of the house, and the aisle transports these gas fields to each room. Therefore, when there are problems in the decoration of the entrance hall aisle and Feng Shui, it will have a certain adverse impact on the feng shui of the whole house

so we need to find ways to strengthen the Feng Shui aura in the aisle and avoid violating Feng Shui taboos. Here we will introduce what things are placed in the aisle to help Feng Shui in the aisle

what is suitable for placing in the aisle? Hallway decoration and Feng Shui

1. Feng Shui treasures: most Feng Shui treasures will have a certain auspicious atmosphere. Therefore, placing Feng Shui treasures in the hallway will have a certain strengthening effect on the Feng Shui aura of the hallway, such as five emperors’ money, eight trigrams mirror, Fuyu, stone lion, etc. These are good choices, which have Feng Shui effects such as fortune, fortune, Qi gathering, evil spirit and so on, However, when using these Feng Shui treasures, we must pay attention to their related Feng Shui

2. Feng Shui plants: different plants have different Feng Shui effects. It is best to place plants with relatively large leaves in the aisle. Most of these plants have Feng Shui effects of blocking evil spirits and attracting wealth and blessing, which can well strengthen the Feng Shui Aura in the aisle. However, it should be noted that some plants are not suitable to be placed at home, so pay more attention to Feng Shui plants

in addition, Feng Shui fish or other auspicious things, even statues of Buddha and gods, can be placed in the hallway to strengthen the Feng Shui aura of the hallway

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