How to place Feng Shui in the bedroom can enhance the relationship between husband and wife

There is a terrible word in the relationship between husband and wife: the seven-year itch. This is a stage that almost every couple can go through. People have been together for a long time, the original freshness gradually disappears, hormones gradually dissipate, and the other party’s original shortcomings are gradually exposed. At this time, it is also most likely that one of the husband and wife is tempted by the outside world. If it is not handled well, it is likely to lead to the breakdown of the husband and wife relationship. When two people have been together for six years, the sense of trust and intimacy accumulated during that time, if this is cut off, it is really ” mdash; It’s a pity

when there are cracks in the relationship between lovers, on the one hand, we need to find out the root causes of the emotional cracks and communicate more. On the other hand, we can also cooperate in the layout of Feng Shui to keep our relationship or marriage fresh

as we mentioned earlier, in traditional Feng Shui, the entrance direction is the standard. The left represents men and the right represents women. If the overall layout of the home is higher on the left, the men in the home will be stronger, while the right is higher, the women will be stronger. If your husband or boyfriend is very masculine, you might as well see if the furnishings on the left are too high and the right is too low. However, don’t deliberately put the right side high in order to make yourself strong. If your husband is not a little man’s character, you may force him to run out if you are too strong. Therefore, in the relationship between husband and wife, the pursuit of balance is the most important

the room used as the bedroom of husband and wife or prospective husband and wife should be in a square pattern. Now many houses pursue fashion in appearance, and strange patterns will appear, resulting in that not every house assigned to some families is square. For couples, it’s best not to use such a room as a bedroom, otherwise it is easy to lead to the imbalance of husband and wife relationship, one party suppresses the other too much, and then quarrels. If there is no way, the bedrooms at home are just irregular shapes, so it is also useful to use indoor furnishings to create a visual sense of squareness

it is not suitable to put dried flowers in the bedroom. Some girls like to put plastic flowers instead of flowers in the house for the convenience of cleaning. However, in Feng Shui, this lifeless fake flower not only can not play a role in prosperity, but is easy to destroy the relationship between husband and wife. Accelerate the coldness of the relationship. So it’s not appropriate to put fake flowers in the bedroom

in the bedroom, you can use more warm yellow bulbs and less fluorescent lamps and other lamps emitting cold light. The warm atmosphere is conducive to increasing the warmth of the room and creating a romantic environment. Couples or lovers in such an environment are easier to open their hearts to each other, reveal their thoughts, find each other’s advantages and maintain a longer sense of freshness and enthusiasm for each other

the head of a married couple’s bed can’t be without a back. The back of the bed is the same as the back of the chair, which has the meaning of backing the mountain. For most women, the backer of the family is the husband. There is no back at the head of the bed, which will lead to some conditions for the husband, which may be personality problems, health problems, career problems or cheating, etc. In short, women’s strong family foundation will be greatly impacted. And the bed should not carry the window. Windows are places with strong airflow. When we sleep at night, if our head is facing the window, we are vulnerable to greater interference and can’t get a good rest. And leaning back against the window is the same as not leaning back, which is harmful to the firmness of the relationship between husband and wife. For the arrangement of husband and wife’s bed in the bedroom, it’s better to put the head of the bed against the wall in a regular way, so as to have better sleep quality, which is also very good for consolidating the relationship between husband and wife

as we mentioned earlier, the bedside table is also our peach blossom place. If a single woman wants to have good luck, she can put flowers, pink crystals, photos of her sweetheart, etc. on the bedside table. For married couples, this is a dangerous area that may be flooded with rotten peach blossoms. Try to avoid the above items that also provoke peach blossom on the bedside table, otherwise there may be an affair knocking on the door. Of course, the bedside table of married people should also be kept clean, otherwise it is easy to accumulate foul gas and affect the luck of two people. People are more likely to quarrel in bad times

If you are willing to keep the family clean and tidy, it will not only hurt your luck if you are willing to keep the family clean and messy. In a messy family, it must be easy for two people to quarrel about doing housework. Why don’t you make a schedule and work shifts

of course, for modern couples, they should be more rational and mature when dealing with the relationship between husband and wife. Communicate in time, be considerate of each other, be mentally prepared for the problems that may be faced in marriage, and learn to face and solve them calmly. After all, many marital problems are not the same thing, but the common problems of many families, which must be faced and can be solved. However, in order to solve problems and communication problems, don’t chase and block each other and force them to confess. Both sides should be given a certain self space in order to maintain their enthusiasm for marriage and family for a longer time

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