What Feng Shui is particular about the lights at home

The quality of residential Feng Shui is affected not only by the layout of residential Feng Shui, but also by every object in the home. Moreover, the larger the action area of these objects, the greater the impact on residential Feng Shui. For example, although the floor area of the lamp in the house is not very large, the action area is not small. Once the lamp is turned on, the whole house will be affected by the lamp. What are the Feng Shui problems in the house

  1. Light and shade

is it better for the light to be brighter or darker? This mainly depends on the room. For example, the light in the living room should be as bright as possible, but the light in the bedroom is not suitable to be too bright. Because the living room is the largest room in the residence, it needs more Yang Qi. At this time, the light can supplement Yang Qi. Therefore, if the light is brighter, the Feng Shui enhancement effect of the living room will be better. The bedroom is a room for rest, so if the light is too bright, it will have a certain adverse impact on the feng shui of the bedroom

  2. Lamp position

now most residential lamps are in the form of chandeliers, and this kind of lamp should be placed in the middle of the room, and pay attention to avoiding people as much as possible. For example, above the sofa in the living room, above the dining table in the dining room, above the desk in the study and above the bed in the bedroom, these places belong to places where people need to stay for a long time. If the light is on the top of people’s head, it will have a certain negative impact on their own luck, so we need to pay more attention

  3. Lamp shape

now many young people pursue personalization when choosing indoor lamps, and the shapes of lamps are also diverse, but in fact, such waiting is not very good for residential Feng Shui. Generally, in the introduction of Feng Shui, it is considered that except for round and square, other shapes belong to irregular shapes, which will lead to the instability of indoor Feng Shui gas field, so the selection of indoor lamps should also be based on round or square

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