Will you put a mirror in the restaurant

In Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, there are many restaurants with a mirror hanging inside. In fact, this is not only the need of aesthetic design, but also to improve Feng Shui. Increase the turnover rate of diners. But the mirror in the restaurant at home is not very good, which will lead to the family not getting together. The mirror can reflect the light, making the goods brighter, more eye-catching and more shiny. Some shops will use reflected light to make the goods brighter, more eye-catching and more shiny. Some shops use the whole wall as a mirror. In addition to the above advantages, it can also give people the illusion of increasing space. Therefore, it is best to set a mirror in the dark or weak light in the shop

mirrors are divided into concave mirror, convex mirror and plane mirror. Generally speaking, the flat mirror placed in the house can gather wealth, while the flat mirror facing out of the window or outside the house can reflect the evil spirit. The convex mirror has the function of dispersing and can remove the evil spirits such as electric lamp post, pointed object, road impulse, flagpole impulse, sky chopping brake, road sign and stewing chimney, so it belongs to ” Dissolve the evil Qi ” ; Feng shui supplies. Concave mirrors have stronger ” Gathering ” ; When the earth Qi escapes in some directions or the auspicious object is too far away from the house, the concave mirror can be used to gather

Feng Shui believes that the industries suitable for hanging mirrors in a large area in the store include beauty salons, gold and silver jewelry stores, clothing stores (fitting mirrors), etc., while other industries should hang fewer or no mirrors

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