What’s Feng Shui particular about planting flowers

In home life, flowers are very beautiful ornaments. If they can be carefully cultivated and taken care of, flowers can give full play to their decorative function. The owner must be diligent in changing the water for the flowers and pruning the stems every day to make its strong Feng Shui effect lasting. In addition, dried flowers should not be used in the layout of home feng shui, because dried flowers symbolize death and decline

family flower cultivation should choose the species with plant size, moderate quantity, beautiful appearance and harmless to the family according to the size of the room. Some flowers contain toxins, such as Dujuan flower and Bauhinia Flower. Once eaten by mistake, people can be poisoned. When leaf juice and flower juice such as daffodil and dripping Guanyin are stained on the skin, they can cause allergic symptoms such as redness, swelling and pain. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the management. It should be placed in a place that children can’t touch, so as to prevent children from playing with or eating by mistake. Plants with sharp spines on the outside can pose a certain threat to human safety and should be placed away from family activities

indoor flower cultivation is not the more the better

generally, for a room of about 15 square meters, only 2 pots of medium-sized and large plants should be placed, while 3 ~ 4 pots of small plants can be placed. In addition, in order to create a green oxygen bar in the room, we should not only consider the plant type and color of green plants, but also consider the way they absorb carbon dioxide. Some plants consume oxygen and release carbon dioxide at night. It is best to move outside at night to avoid competing with others for oxygen and affecting health

flowers should not be raised in wards and bedrooms at night

many flowers can purify the air and promote health, but if some flowers are raised at home, they will become a source of disease, or lead to the recurrence and aggravation of old diseases ” Killer ” , Therefore, experts suggest that we must understand the nature of flowers before raising flowers, so as to prevent physical problems after raising flowers

no pot planting flowers in the patient’s room ” mdash” mdash; Because the soil in the flowerpot will produce fungal spores, when they diffuse into the air, they are easy to invade people’s skin, respiratory tract, external auditory canal, meninges and brain, which will cause infection, which is very harmful to patients with diseases

flowers should not be placed in the bedroom at night ” mdash” mdash; Most flowers absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen through photosynthesis during the day, but at night, it’s just the opposite. Therefore, it is best not to put flowers in the bedroom. The flowers put during the day should be moved out of the room at night, at least not in the bedroom, so as not to affect the health of the family

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