The influence of home feng shui on women’s face

Among many Feng Shui schools, there is a face Feng Shui, which believes that our face corresponds to our home. We can judge the situation of our house from the face

the life palace is based on Feng Shui. It is the master of the overall situation of your current living environment. The palace of life is located in the Yintang, so when the Yintang lights up, it can be seen that your current living environment is better

if the Yintang is dark, the living environment is relatively poor. It may be that there are some foul gas gathering places outside, or the foul gas in the house is heavy. You should remind yourself to improve the house layout. Yintang acne may be caused by someone moving around, which affects your rest. You can add some measures to help you sleep

the palace of wealth and silk represents wealth. In Feng Shui, if there are many spots on the nose in the kitchen of the owner’s house, it may be that the kitchen has not been cleaned up for too long. Breeding Xiaoqiang and other pests will damage your health. Clean it quickly. And the kitchen is fire, with acne on the nose. Maybe the kitchen is too angry. Is there too many electrical appliances? You can add some earthy yellow color in the kitchen to reduce fire with earth, or plant some green plants, which is also helpful to reduce fire. And for people with large nostrils, the kitchen at home will be larger. The function of Guanlu palace is the same as that of Caibo palace

brother palace leader, our relationship with our neighbors. The brotherhood palace is mainly located in the position of our eyebrows. If our eyebrows are thick and neat, then our neighborhood relations are more harmonious and there are more cases of mutual help. If there is a fault in the middle of the eyebrows, you need to be careful about the neighborhood relationship recently. Don’t quarrel with people for small things. Try to take the attitude of turning big things into small things. After all, distant relatives are not as good as close neighbors. If the eyebrows are sparse and scattered, the neighbors may be indifferent and don’t like to get close to them

the position of the couple’s palace in our eyes, tail and temples. Emotionally, this position has a very important relationship with our marriage. In terms of home feng shui, it has a close relationship with the master bedroom at home. If the color of this position is dark recently, pay attention to whether there is improper layout in the bedroom,

or whether there is a source of dirt outside the master bedroom window. Pay attention to making adjustments at home. If the couple’s palace is bright, moist, smooth and clean, then the feng shui of the master bedroom is better, and the relationship between husband and wife is sweet and smooth

the position of children’s Palace on our lower eyelids is related to the good or bad luck of our children, but in Feng Shui, it is not the children’s room, but the bathroom. If the children’s palace is full and glossy, the bathroom will be clean and tidy, and the layout is more reasonable

if there is an unlucky mole on the lower eyelid, you should be careful of the Feng Shui in the bathroom. It may be that the door of the bathroom is facing the door of the door or bedroom, or the imbalance of the five elements in the bathroom. If the melanin accumulation on the lower eyelid is serious, it may be due to poor ventilation in the bathroom, and the accumulation of foul gas is difficult to disperse. Pay attention to opening more windows for ventilation

The position of the maiden is the same as that of the maiden in Feng Shui palace

ji’e palace represents the location of ancestral tombs in Feng Shui. If you won’t look at Feng Shui of yinzhai, you can roughly judge it by the location of the root of the mountain. However, the geomantic omen of ancestral graves is more complex. From the face, it can only be a general idea. Don’t move graves at will. The corresponding positions of Ford palace and ji’e palace in Feng Shui are the same

the position of Tian zhaigong between eyebrows and upper eyelids is the position of eyelids. If the location of tianzhaigong is relatively wide, the real estate games will be better. Most of them can inherit houses from their parents and live in a better environment. Even if parents don’t leave a good house, they will have a good house through their own efforts. If the tianzhai palace is damaged, the living environment may be relatively poor, often need to move, the family atmosphere is not so harmonious, and quarrels occur from time to time

the traffic conditions of the main houses in the relocation palace. If the upper and lower ends of the forehead are clean and smooth, the surrounding traffic facilities will be relatively perfect. When there are many wrinkles in the relocation palace, the traffic of the house may not be so convenient

the parents’ palace is the study of the master’s family. If the parents’ palace grows well, there will be a good study at home. The family has a strong scholarly atmosphere, and the children will study well

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