Layout of Feng Shui in the living room

The living room of a house is not only the communication place for the host to welcome guests, but also the activity center of a family; It is not only the master of strategy and self-restraint, but also the master of home. Whether it is color matching, or the orientation and position of sofa and coffee table; Whether it is calligraphy and painting hanging, or the decoration of fish tank and bonsai; Whether lighting installation or carpet bedding; Whether it is the arrangement of combination cabinet or the decoration of ceiling; Whether it is the opening of windowsill, channel and door, or daylighting and gas absorption, they are very particular, forming an internal pattern of the living room with both prosperity and loss

the living room is not only a place for guests, but also a place for family members to gather and chat. It should be a lively and friendly place. The hanging decorations and furnishings in the living room are also a symbol of the master’s taste and personality to some extent. In addition, feng shui theory holds that the layout of the living room is related to the wealth, career and reputation of the whole family, so Feng Shui in the living room can not be ignored. Therefore, the layout of the living room should generally follow the following six principles:

principle 1: the daylighting should be bright day and night

the sun must be visible during the day, and the light should be bright at night (before going to bed). The light source should preferably be yellow and white. The ratio of yellow to white light is 1:3 in summer and 1:2 or even 1:1 in winter

principle 2: the moving line of space should be smooth

the placement of furniture should not hinder the moving line of life, so as to avoid injury caused by collision and affect emotion. Imagine: as soon as you enter the gate, you face the wall; It takes a long corridor to reach the living room; You have to make three turns and four turns in the sofa room to get to other spaces. How can you live comfortably in this living environment, not to mention accidental injuries and bad work

principle 3: indoor air should be circulated

if the air is not circulated, foul gas and dust gather and do not disperse, the body will naturally get sick. Of course, the geomantic omen in the house is not good, and it is easy to get sick or not get rich. However, if it is a hall evil, the door directly faces the back door, which will produce a straight wind and form a wind evil. Such a space is difficult to gather wealth

Principle 4: do not dazzle the color of the space

Principle 4: do not dazzle the color of the space too much. The color is not only related to the space style, but also affects people’s mood. The main color of the living room wall is warm and neutral (milky white, Rose White ” hellip; ” hellip;) It is the most suitable. It is not only easier to choose and match furniture, but also has the function of amplifying the sense of space and promoting family harmony

Principle 5: the decoration takes comfort as the first priority

home layout is different from commercial space. When planning and designing a new home, many people will refer to the equipment and decoration of stores, dining rooms, KTVs, venues and so on, making the house magnificent. At the beginning of the stay, I felt quite fresh, comfortable and happy, but before long, I would feel that there was always something missing. Then I found that it was better to be at home than in KTV and dining room. In this way, in less than a year or two, the marriage would go wrong. Therefore, the principle of home layout and decoration is comfort, warmth and freedom

Principle 6: properly place the auspicious ornaments

according to the divination position of the house and the life divination of the owner, cooperate with the five elements to generate grams, the three combinations of local branches and three meetings, select the appropriate auspicious ornaments and place them in the favorite position, which can produce the functions of birth, grams, system and chemistry, and can play a great effect. The Feng Shui made by a good feng shui teacher does not reveal any trace and will not be known at a glance. It must be noted that if the mascot is placed in the wrong position and method, it will have a negative effect. For example, if you sit in a house facing north or northeast to southwest and put a fish tank or fountain in it, you will lose money and vent money. Be careful

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