How to arrange the financial position in the living room

The most important position of the living room is called wealth position in Feng Shui, which is related to the rise and fall of the family’s wealth, career and reputation, so the layout and furnishings of wealth position can not be ignored. The best position of wealth is the diagonal direction of the entrance of the living room, which includes the following three situations: if the house door is opened on the left, wealth is at the top of the diagonal on the right; If the house door is opened on the right, the wealth position is on the top of the left diagonal; If the house door is opened in the center, the wealth position is at the top of the left and right diagonal

if you know what wealth position is, how can you prosper wealth and what should be placed in wealth position? When the financial position is determined, generally speaking, it is suitable to place plants or raise some goldfish. Because plants are planted in Caiwei. After photosynthesis, plants will absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. The whole process is auspicious. Moreover, the green potted plants and the smell of flowers and plants in the field can really make people hale and hearty. However, it should be noted that if the wealth position has a window and the window is often opened, the Qi of the wealth position cannot gather. Burial cloud: ” When the wind blows, the air dissipates and the boundary water stops” ; In addition, the following points need to be considered in the layout of wealth position:

① wealth position should not be unreliable: it is best to have a solid wall behind the wealth position, because it symbolizes that there is a mountain to lean on and ensure no worries about the future, so as to hide wind and gather Qi. Conversely, if there are transparent glass windows behind the wealth position, it is not only difficult to accumulate wealth, but also easy to be discouraged and in danger of losing money

② the financial position should be flat: the financial position should not be an aisle or open the door, and there should not be open windows on the financial position. Opening the windows will lead to the dispersion of indoor wealth. If there are windows, they can be covered with curtains or sealed, so that the wealth will not leak out. Posts and recesses should be avoided as far as possible. If this is the channel, a screen can be placed, which can not only avoid the embarrassment of penetration, but also form a good position

③ the wealth position should not be messy and vibrated: if the wealth position is messy or vibrated for a long time, it is difficult to stick to the right wealth, so the items placed on the wealth position should be neat, and all kinds of televisions and stereos that often vibrate should not be placed

④ wealth should not be polluted or washed: wealth should be kept clean. If the bathroom is in wealth or sundries are placed in wealth, it will pollute wealth and greatly reduce wealth. Not only will wealth not attract wealth, but it will lead to the loss of family wealth. Wealth should not be shot at by sharp corners, so as not to affect wealth

⑤ wealth position should not be under pressure: the pressure of wealth position will lead to the failure of family wealth growth. If heavy wardrobe, bookcase or combination cabinet are placed in wealth position, the pressure of wealth position will be heavy, which will have 100 disadvantages and no advantages to the wealth of the house

⑥ wealth should be bright rather than dark: if wealth is bright, the house will be full of vitality. Therefore, if wealth is illuminated by sunshine, it will be of great help to prosper wealth; If the financial position is dim, there will be a delay in financial luck. It is necessary to install a long light here to resolve it

⑦ wealth position is suitable for sitting and lying: wealth position is the location where a family gathers wealth and Qi, so it should be made good use of. In addition to placing vibrant plants, you can also put a bed or sofa on the wealth position. Sitting and lying in the wealth position will build up your wealth over time. In addition, it is also appropriate to put the table in the position of wealth, because the table is a place to eat. It can absorb food energy and wealth at the same time. It can be said to kill two birds with one stone

⑧ it is advisable to put mascots in the position of wealth: the position of wealth is the place where flourishing Qi condenses, and some lucky objects can be placed there

⑨ water taboo in wealth position: water taboo in wealth position, so aquatic plants should not be placed here, and fish tanks should not be placed in wealth position, so as not to see wealth and water

⑩ attention should be paid to the plants of wealth position: the plants of wealth position should be placed with exuberant vitality and grow continuously, which can make the wealth of the family continue to flourish and have better luck. Therefore, it is most suitable to place evergreen plants in the financial position, especially Pueraria lobata, rubber tree, money tree and Brazilian iron tree with large leaves and thick and round leaves. However, it should be noted that these plants should be planted with soil instead of water. It is not suitable for wealth to plant prickly cactus plants, because such plants are used to turn evil spirits. If you don’t know where to go, you will be self defeating and will cause harm to wealth. It’s better not to put too much money on the vine because of its twists and turns

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