Does the bathroom door have a great impact on Feng Shui

In fact, it’s easy to have a bad atmosphere in the bathroom. In fact, it’s easy to have a bad atmosphere in the bathroom. In this way, it will also bring bad atmosphere to our life

the toilet door faces the door Feng Shui

the toilet is the place used to hide dirt and accept dirt in household Feng Shui, and the door is the gas receiving port in household Feng Shui. If the toilet door faces the door, the Feng Shui gas field brought in from outside the door will enter the toilet directly after entering the door. In this way, the Feng Shui gas field in the whole family will be contaminated with the filth of the toilet, In this way, it is very disadvantageous to the National Games, leading to the decline of Ye Yun and the decline of people and money

when the orientation of the door or toilet door cannot be changed, it is difficult to completely resolve the impact on home feng shui, but it is very simple to reduce this impact, and there are many methods. For example, try to make the toilet door smaller and the door larger, so as to ensure that less pollution can enter the house

in addition, some geomantic plants and geomantic mascots can be placed between the door and the toilet door, which can dissolve the air of pollution. At the same time, in daily life, we should try our best to keep the toilet windows open from time to time, so that the dirty gas in the toilet can be discharged out of the room rather than stay in the house. In this way, it can also have a certain effect of dissolution

the bathroom door faces the door, Feng Shui dissolves

the bathroom keeps ventilated. The door of the bathroom is opposite to the door. If you want to resolve it, keep a ventilation in the bathroom. If you keep the bathroom ventilated, you can give people a certain attack of good luck, because in the process of ventilation, you also give some opportunities for bad luck to play off, so it is the attack of good luck

the gate opens occasionally. The door is opened occasionally for consistent ventilation, which is also a good way to let some bad luck go away. If you may have encountered some unpleasant things, the best way is to open your door for a period of time, which may have the possibility of slowing down

toilet door

toilet door closed. If the door of the bathroom is closed, it’s very easy to close it. The opposite door brake is such a state. If it cannot form a loop or be connected, there will be a weakening trend, which has essentially played a certain role in resolving it

solution of toilet door facing the door

First: partition type

Introduction: there are two cases of partition type

  1. If you want to separate the door from the bathroom, you might as well choose a kind of black frame glass partition or simple and neat wooden grid, which is sold on the market. This will not occupy more space, but skillfully solve the problem of door flushing

  2. If the house type allows, a partition can be used at the entrance for isolation, or a screen + shoe cabinet or screen + wardrobe can be added to cover, which not only meets the storage function, but also changes the direction of the entrance and skillfully solves the problem of door shock

the second: covered

Introduction: if you think it’s too cumbersome to open and close the door in the bathroom every time, and you don’t want to install the door, you can use the door curtain to cover it. Although the door curtain has the function of decoration and covering, it plays a more ferocious role in Feng Shui than closing. This also avoids the opposite situation of two doors

the third: green planting

Introduction: green planting and covered type have the same practice, but green planting is to put a pot of high and large broad-leaved green plants outside the bathroom. Green plants outside the bathroom door look like there is a kind of vitality and vitality. Not only that, green plants can also purify the air, which also avoids the opposite of the two doors

in fact, there are many family plans with the toilet door facing the door, which is particularly bad in Feng Shui. In serious cases, it will even ruin money and ruin the family fortune. The main reason is that the bathroom is the source of the pollution in the home, and the good gas comes in through the door. If the pollution and good gas collide, there will be no good feng shui in the home

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