How to install door curtain in kitchen? Feng Shui is good

In fact, in real life, many people’s door curtains are for decoration, and they like to install all kinds of door curtains in the position of the kitchen. The function of this kind of door curtain is not only for the problem of decoration, but also to separate the problem of kitchen and fire, so as to avoid colliding with other household places. What is the function of the door curtain

Feng Shui hue of the Pearl curtain on the kitchen door

from the perspective of Feng Shui, general feng shui masters will not recommend that we design the whole environment into a single hue, and the Pearl curtain, as a part of the home, uses the color of the Pearl curtain to make up for the lack of people’s luck at home, which has to be said to be a good way. In the feng shui of kitchen door curtain, we should have a comprehensive understanding of the color of the door curtain. The blue curtain can seek official luck. Such a curtain will bring refreshing effect and make you feel very comfortable; The green door curtain can calm the master’s mind, stabilize your mood, relieve eye fatigue and be more conducive to health. Therefore, hanging such a door curtain in the kitchen is very beneficial; The red curtain can bring us luck in love; The golden curtain can stimulate people’s positive power and bring us wealth; Purple curtain can improve our aesthetic level

Feng Shui style of kitchen door bead curtain

we talked about the color selection of the door curtain, but here we should mention the difference of the style. In fact, the style of each door curtain has different meanings. For example, the traditional crystal curtain has the function of reducing evil spirits, and it is highly decorative, but it can not block the smoke; The cloth curtain belongs to a kind of strong brake blocking, because it is dense and not easy to breathe; In addition, the bamboo curtain has the meaning of peace and auspiciousness. It is closer to the original ecology and has the feeling of nature. It can not only bring good effects to the family’s Feng Shui, but also bring help to people’s career and increase the owner’s career

How about the feng shui of the Pearl curtain on the kitchen door

a good kitchen Feng Shui can boost the wealth of the family and make the family healthy. Because the kitchen is a place for cooking, it usually provides the daily energy of the family. Generally speaking, the fire should be controlled. Otherwise, the impact of the fire on the home gas field will make the family emotionally unstable, so the luck will be difficult to flourish. Clever use of the door curtain to layout can also dissolve the evil spirit of the home and bring good luck to the home

in many cases, there will be some evil spirits in the home. In this case, the role of the door curtain is particularly obvious. It can separate the gas field and make the evil spirits unable to pass through. Once the evil spirits are generated in the kitchen, they cannot enter the living room, causing harm to the overall home gas field. The material and color of the door curtain are very important. Generally speaking, don’t choose too bright colors. After all, Feng Shui believes that bright colors will affect people’s mood and easily make their families anxious, so it’s best to use fresh and elegant colors, which is more conducive to the gathering of momentum

many people choose to install door curtains in order to avoid other evil spirits from entering the kitchen or oil fume from the kitchen from entering other parts of the house. There are many choices and styles of door curtains. We need to pay attention when installing door curtains. Not all styles are suitable for kitchen installation. Let’s have a look

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