Feng Shui on the tea table in the living room

In terms of material, the glass tea table has a clear and fresh transparent texture. Through the light and shadow empty penetration and the three-dimensional effect of Fuding, it can make the space larger and more vibrant; The tea table with carved glass and iron knot is suitable for the space of classical style; The carved or parquet wooden tea table shows a gorgeous feeling and is more suitable for classical space. Although the tea table is a small supporting role in space, it can often create colorful and lively feelings and add more interest to life if it meets some Feng Shui requirements in the air at home. Feng Shui believes that the tea table is a place to drink tea. Tea has water and is a thing of wealth. If the tea table can be arranged in the vitality, longevity, natural medicine or flying star position of the room, it can bring good family luck and promote wealth and wealth

(1) placement of tea table

most tea tables are placed in the living room, which matches the sofa. However, the tea table does not have to be placed in the center in front of the sofa, but can also be placed next to the sofa and in front of the French window, and then matched with tea sets, lamps, potted plants and other decorations to show alternative home style. The height of the tea table is generally flush with the sitting surface of the sofa. In principle, the style of tea table legs and armrest and feet of sofa should be consistent

the tea table should not be placed in the fierce position of the room. Generally, some tea, fruit and other items will be placed on the tea table. These items belong to inspiratory Feng Shui and tea. At the same time, they belong to prosperous property and have dynamic nature. If the tea table is arranged in the fierce side of the room, its position ” Fierce ” ; The signal will be excited to move, resulting in many adverse factors. Of course, in order to decorate, a small carpet matching the space and sofa can be paved under the glass coffee table, and exquisite small potted plants can be placed to make the desktop a beautiful pattern

(2) the size of the tea table

the size of the tea table is generally 1070mm ” times; 600mm, the height is 400mm, which is the same height as the sofa seat. In this way, it looks spacious. Medium and large tea tables sometimes use 1200 mm ” times; 1200 mm, at this time, its height will be reduced to 250 ~ 300 mm. The best distance between the tea table and the sofa is about 350 mm

the tea table should not be too large. If the area of the tea table is too large, there is a suspicion that the guest will dominate the host. This pattern is not a good omen. The simplest solution is to change the coffee table. The shape of the tea table should never be a diamond with sharp corners. If the space in front of the sofa is not enough, you can put the tea table next to the sofa, like green dragon and white tiger, and it seems to be assisted by left and right hands. In this way, we can make full use of space. And it is also in line with the way of Feng Shui

(3) the shape of the tea table

when selecting tea, it should be based on the principle of low and flat. If a person sits in the sofa, the height of the tea table should not exceed the knee. In addition, the tea table placed in front of the sofa must have enough space. If the distance between the sofa and the tea table is too close, there will be many inconveniences. The shape of the tea table is most ideal in rectangle and ellipse, and round and square are auspicious shapes from ancient times to now. The triangular tea table cannot be selected, because the tea table is easy to hurt people and daily life is very inconvenient

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