What is the most suitable picture to hang in the old man’s bedroom

Hanging paintings in the bedroom of the elderly should naturally be beneficial to the health and longevity of the elderly. What kind of paintings have such Feng Shui effect.

“Immortals ride Cranes” Figure or “Pine and crane prolong the year” Photo: crane is also called “Crane” , It is considered to be the oldest bird. It is said that it can live for thousands of years. When it lives to 1000, its feathers will turn gray, and when it lives to 2000, its feathers will turn black, which is becoming younger and younger. The pine tree can be said to be the longest living tree. In Taoism, it is also considered to be the representative of immortality. It is said that immortals often eat pine. These two kinds of pictures are very auspicious. They not only have the meaning of longevity, but also praise the character of the elderly, that is, they are as noble as cranes and as ambitious as pine trees. However, people whose zodiac is snake should not hang pictures related to cranes, because cranes eat snakes.

from the perspective of Feng Shui,“Longevity chart” Or “Hundred blessings” :“Longevity chart ”Or”Baifu Map”That is, a hundred different “Longevity Words ”and“Blessing” .The picture composed of words gathers health and happiness together, which is especially conducive to Feng Shui in the elderly’s house.

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