Why should the bathroom be ventilated and refreshing

The bathroom is a secret place for family members to use the toilet and take a bath. Generally, too large windows are not opened. Some residents only open a small window at the top of the bathroom to keep ventilation. In order to save area, some residents even make the bathroom fully enclosed without windows or can’t open windows. Such settings are not conducive to home feng shui

because the toilet is the place where sewage accumulates. If the sewage accumulates more and more and cannot be discharged in time, it is easy to breed bacteria and affect people’s health; At the same time, muddy water will also destroy the geomantic omen of homes, resulting in the decline of family fortunes, difficulties in career development, and more and more Yin Qi. It will also affect people’s mental state and even lead to depression

therefore, the toilet must be ventilated and fresh, and windows and exhaust fans should be set to let the sun shine in to disperse the Yin of the toilet, and also play the role of drying and sterilization; At the same time, good ventilation also ensures the timely discharge of turbidity and fresh and clean air in the toilet, which is beneficial to health and home feng shui

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