Furniture bed and desk placement feng shui tips for Children’s room

A lot of parents ask one question on how to get good feng shui for children’s room. There are a lot of feng shui tips and taboos in children’s room. Color, location furniture placement all of those will affect the feng shui. So today we will talk about furniture placement feng shui tips for children’s room.

Desk placement in children’s room.

Do not place the desk under window. As you know, the child is curious about thing out of the window. In that case, the child cannot focus on study. For the other feng shui tips you can follow the Desk placement Feng shui tips.

Bed placement in children’s room.

bed placement in children's room
bed placement in children’s room
  1. Do not place the bed under overhead beam. That beam can create more unseen pressure on our children.
  2. Do not place the bed facing the window with strong lights.
  3. Do not place the bed near the window. As you know, the window is entry of energy flow. Those flows will cause unstable energy. In long term it will influence sleeping.
  4. Do not let the bed head against the washing room wall.  
  5. If there are 2 children living one room. Please remember that do not place 2 beds in different direction.  
  6. The children’s bed shall not be placed on right above oven of kitchen and washing room.  
  7. Do not place electronic device on head of bed.  

Hope those feng shui could help you to get good feng shui energy. Other feng shui tips for bed you can refer (How to place your bed to get good feng shui in your bed room per feng shui rules and tips)

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