Feng Shui taboo in interior stair design

The construction of a house should not only consider the design of bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom and restaurant, but also consider the design of indoor stairs! Stairs are the connection that must be designed for any building with more than two floors. When designing indoor stairs, in addition to convenience and safety, Feng Shui must also be considered. Different house designs, the shape, orientation and construction mode of stairs will affect the feng shui of the whole house

Feng Shui taboo in the design of indoor stairs for house decoration

I. the location of stairs in commercial super buildings

special attention should be paid to the location of indoor stairs, especially the stairs in some large shopping malls and supermarkets. When building, in addition to making it convenient for customers to take, safe evacuation should also be considered to prevent accidents. Therefore, the stairs in this place can be placed in the shopping mall in Chinese and English or distributed around. This kind of stairs will also have the meaning of Feng Shui gathering popularity, which can bring more people to the shopping mall

II. Location of stairs in ordinary residents’ homes

in addition to the stairs in public areas such as Shangchao, the feng shui of home residential stairs is also very important, and the design of home stairs has different requirements from that of Shangchao. The stairs cannot face the gate: the stairs are up and down with ” Trample ” ; The disrespectful implication is that if the stairs are facing the door, it means that the air is trampled, so the stairs of ordinary residential houses should not be facing the door

in addition, it is better to hide the indoor stairs of residential buildings, so as not to affect the beauty of the house, but also to make a good impression on the visiting friends

there is still a lot of stress on the feng shui design of house decoration and indoor stairs. Whether it is the stairs design of commercial supermarkets or ordinary residential houses, we must invite professional and experienced designers to design them

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