How to find the right position of Wenchang

Study is an important part of residential environment. Study, as the name suggests, is a collection of books: a reading room. Now in many cities, commercial and residential houses are in short supply. Many small companies and brokers choose to work from home. In this way, the study is not only an extension of the office space, but also a part of home life

a study can be arranged independently in a room with sufficient area, and an area can be set up in a room with small area as a place for study and work. It can be separated by bookcase, cabinet, cloth curtain, etc. The layout of the study can reflect the personality and connotation of the master. In fact, it is very learned. The wall and ceiling colors of the study should be elegant, clear and soft light colors, such as light blue, light beige and light green. The floor should be made of wood floor or carpet, and the wall should be made of wallpaper, plate and other sound-absorbing materials to achieve the quiet effect of the study

the study is a valley for cultivating sentiment and self-cultivation. It is generally equipped with writing desk, computer console, bookcase, chair, etc. The shape of writing desk and chair should be carefully designed to achieve reasonable and comfortable sitting posture, convenient and natural operation. In addition to bookcases, desks and chairs, the study can also be equipped with sofa and coffee table. The bookcase should be close to the desk for easy access. Some spaces can be left in the bookcase to place some handicrafts to activate the atmosphere of the study. The desk should be placed in front of the window or on the right side of the window to ensure sufficient light when reading and working, and avoid leaving shadows on the desktop. The desk lamp on the desk should be flexible and adjustable to ensure the angle and brightness of light. Some bonsai, calligraphy and painting can also be appropriately arranged to reflect the cultural atmosphere of the study. The curtains of the study are generally light colored gauze curtains that can block out light and have a transparent feeling. The effect of high-grade and soft blinds is better. Strong sunlight will become warm and comfortable through the refraction of the window curtain

the scale and investment of the study are generally considered according to the size of the room and the occupation, identity and number of books of the owner. If the room area is limited, it can be extended to the space; We should also choose according to the owner’s economic affordability. Under normal circumstances, the study pursues practicality and simplicity, and does not necessarily have to be expensive. The book has its own ” Golden House, I’m afraid it’s best for a book lover to have a quiet and elegant study. Here are some specific points of Feng Shui in the study

  1. Choice of study location

modern families generally set up an independent room as a study as long as conditions permit. In the overall pattern of residence, the study belongs to the working area, which is equivalent to the office in the home. But it is different from the ordinary office. Compared with the ordinary office, the study is more private and personal. It is a place for learning, thinking and strategizing. As an important place to open wisdom and concentrate, the study must be able to occupy a good position, which many people feel deeply about. Reading and writing in some places will be inspired and clear-sighted, while in others it will feel like sitting on pins and needles and hard to understand. This is the importance of the study location

(1) determine Wenchang position

Wenchang star is one of the 28 stars in the sky, also known as Wenqu star. It has a close relationship with the world and specializes in the fame and wealth of scholars all over the world. Wenchang position is the location where Wenchang star flies into the house. This position exists in every house. Setting the study or desk in Wenchang will be beneficial to reading, examination, writing and planning. So, how to define the Wenchang position of each house? Generally speaking, there are two methods to determine Wenchang position:

① it is determined according to the sitting direction of the house, that is, the direction of the eight houses. According to feng shui theory, Wenchang position is determined by the sitting direction of the house, and Wenchang position will also change according to the fleeting years, but the general pattern is as follows:

Hachiko sit towards Wenchang bit
Zhenzhai Sit east to West Northwest
Sunzhai Sit southeast to northwest Due south
Away from home Sit south and face north Southeast
Kunzhai Sit southwest to northwest Due west
Duzhai Sit West to East Southwest
Dry house Sit southwest to northeast Due east
Kanzhai Sit north and face south Northeast
Gen house Sit northeast to southwest Due north

if the congenital structure of the house type makes Wenchang position unable to be a study, then we can only retreat to the second place, and placing the position of the desk in Wenchang position of the study can also be effective. If Wenchang is a kitchen and toilet in the congenital pattern, more aquatic plants, such as narcissus, must be placed here to resolve the impact of Wenchang

② determined according to the eight characters of birthday. However, this does not have to be determined according to the eight characters of the host at home, but according to the eight characters of the child, because the child’s studies are the most important in the eyes of parents, so it is not impossible to determine the Wenchang position according to the eight characters of the child’s birthday. Generally speaking, the position of Wenchang should be determined according to the eight characters of the family member who needs Wenchang’s protection. According to the heavenly stem of the date of birth:

the Wenchang position of the person born on day a is in the Si side, that is, in the south-east direction

the Wenchang position of the person born on day B is at noon, that is, due south

Wenchang of those born on the third day is located in shenfang, that is, southwest by West

the Wenchang position of the person born on Ding RI is in the unitary side, that is, the due west direction

the Wenchang position of those born on the fifth day is in shenfang, that is, in the direction of southwest by West

the Wenchang position of the person born on the day is in the unitary side, that is, the due west direction

Wenchang of people born on Geng day is located in Haifang, that is, north by Northwest

Wenchang of people born in Xinri is located in Zifang, that is, due north

Wenchang of the people born on Ren RI is located in Yinfang, i.e. East by Northeast

the Wenchang position of people born on guiri is in the Mao side, that is, due east

(2) set quantity ” Benevolence and wisdom

except Wenchang, each study must be laid with ” The Bureau of benevolence and wisdom, That is, the study should become the Bureau of benevolence and wisdom, so as to give full play to the role of Wenchang position with maximum efficiency. What is benevolence and wisdom? ” Benevolent people enjoy mountains and wise people enjoy water ”

① the seat of the desk should have a back. Leshan means that the seat of the desk should have a back against the solid wall. There is a theory of backing in Feng Shui. Note that you can’t back against the wall of the bathroom, the wall of the kitchen, or the door or window. Because the door is empty, the window is empty, empty, untrue and helpless, scholars will feel unstable, prone to a sense of insecurity and unfavorable to learning. Behind the wall, there is a sense of security, and it is not easy to be disturbed behind, because people can listen to all directions, but their eyes only look at the six ways, and there is support behind them, that is, there is a support. However, those who can succeed and stand out must not have a support except their own efforts, wisdom and opportunities. If you have something to rely on, you can get the help and favor of noble people in reading, examination and communication with others, and the working people can be appreciated and supported by their superiors. In ancient times, people engaged in clerical work not only paid attention to the backer, but also inlaid the back of the seat with natural mountain like marble as the backer in order to avoid getting nothing from working all day. In order to strengthen the effect of leaning, it is called Leshan. Therefore, the seat back of the desk should be empty, such as not relying on the window and not relying on the door. In addition to the stress of Feng Shui, it is also due to the fact that someone is walking around behind the desk, so it is difficult to sit stably and concentrate

② there is good water in front of the desk. Happy water means that there must be some water-based objects in front of the desk. You can put aquatic plants such as Fugui bamboo in front of the desk in the study. It is better to have a single branch, such as three, five and seven branches. It is full of vitality and pleasing to the eyes, which is conducive to enlightening wisdom and can play the effect of wise people enjoying water

(3) the bedroom and living room can not be used as the study

not everyone is lucky to have a spacious and bright study. When conditions are not available, many people use bedrooms and living rooms as study, which are both inappropriate

the bedroom is also used as a study. You can read in bed. Reading often stays late, which makes it difficult to concentrate and affects your normal rest

some people also use the living room as a study, but reading in the living room is often affected by the arrival of guests. Sometimes, although there are no guests, the living room is not a quiet space after all. When reading books, it will be disturbed by unexpected things. In this way, the mood of reading will be completely gone

therefore, setting up a study not only needs to be spacious and bright, but also its orientation is very important. It doesn’t matter if the place is a little smaller, as long as there is an independent room. Especially for those who work from home, the study is essential

(4) it is better not to set the study in the room due south

in the traditional concept, the due south direction is a direction with artistic and literary meaning. At first glance, it seems to be a good location, which is the first choice of the study. It is generally believed that the sunny

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