Feng shui wealth money area tips

I think you had known how to find the money area by this article which we had discussed before. If the wealth area or money area was decorated improperly, the wealth area will be damaged.    So today we will talk about feng shui tips of money area. (Read more how do find money area) 

  1. The money area (wealth area) shall be bright. The light of sun and lighting could inspire the wealth fortune. So please keep the wealth area bright.
  2. Placing propitious feng shui products in money area. The money area is the place gathering prosperous energy. So if we can place some propitious feng shui products, it will help us to get more wealth. Such as feng shui coins, traditional Chinese painting and so on. If you do not like those feng shui products you also can place some beautiful vase, it also can bring good wealth for you.

    moeny area feng shui product-coin
    moeny area feng shui product-coin
  3. Placing green plant or flower. Do not place worn shoes and garbage in money area. Placing green plan and flower (rubber tree, brazilwood, dracaena sanderiana, lucky bamboo and so on) in wealth area will help you to bring vitality in wealth area. The vitality can inspire the wealth fortune. Regardless the feng shui rules, the green plant also can help you to refresh the air and release O2. It is good for your healthy. Remember do not place the artificial plant.

    feng shui plants
    feng shui plants
  4. The money area and wealth area are good location to place sofa, desk, chair and bed. When we are sitting on the sofa or lying on the bed, we can absorb some wealth fortune, it is good for us.

Hope those feng shui tips of money area could help you to get good feng shui energy and wealth. Good luck!

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