The bookcase faces the door. Are you particular about Feng Shui

The relationship between bookcase and study is like lips and teeth. Bookcase is an indispensable part of the study. It not only plays a good decorative effect, but also a place for books. Therefore, when purchasing bookcases, we must pay attention to not violating Feng Shui taboos. So, is the bookcase facing the door particular about Feng Shui

Feng Shui taboo 1: the bookcase should not be facing the door. The bookcase symbolizes the wisdom and wealth of the family, so whether it is placed correctly or not is particularly important for the family. In the Feng Shui precautions of bookcase, if the bookcase in the study is facing the door, the wealth and wisdom of the family will be lost. If the bookcase is not facing the door, the wealth and wisdom will be maintained

Feng Shui taboo 2: bookcase orientation ” Positive ” ; There is an old saying: ” The bookcase sits fierce and the bookstand sits auspicious ” , It is said that the desk should be placed in an auspicious position, while the bookcase should be placed in the opposite direction. It should be placed in a relatively unlucky position in the study to suppress the evil spirit in the study, so as to create a good learning and working environment for us

Feng Shui taboo 3: the bookcase should not be placed in direct sunlight. If the bookcase is exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, it is easy to cause the books in the bookcase to turn yellow and old due to exposure, and the preservation of books is also quite unfavorable. If it is serious, it may also cause yellowing and peeling on the surface of the bookcase. Therefore, remember not to place the bookcase in the study where there is direct sunlight. Feng Shui taboo 4: the height of the bookcase should not be too high. The position of the bookcase is very important, but the height of the bookcase can not be ignored. Feng Shui precautions for bookcase: if the area of the study in the family is not too large and the height of the bookcase is too high, we will have a sense of oppression and discomfort when reading and studying in the study. The height of the bookcase in line with the habits of the human body is the most important

Feng Shui taboo 5: the position of the bookcase is commensurate with the character. For men, the bookcase is best placed in the corner on the left to facilitate communication. The focus here is mainly for women. For female friends, the bookcase should be placed symmetrically with their character. If you are a grumpy woman, you can put the bookcase on the left to suppress your irritable character; If you are a depressed woman, you can put the bookcase on the right for adjustment

Feng Shui taboo 6: bookcases should not be placed opposite to the bathroom. The bathroom has always been a dark, humid and dirty place since ancient times. If they are opposite to bookcases, it is easy to take away the wealth and blessings of the family. In addition, there is smell in the bathroom. If it is opposite to the study for a long time, the smell will enter directly from the study door. Over time, it will directly affect the health of users

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