The influence of no sofa at home on Feng Shui

the decoration of the living room will be valued by everyone, because the living room is not only the main place for a family to receive people, but also the face of a family. As the protagonist of the living room, the placement of sofa is very important. Now, there is an obvious trend in family decoration: light decoration and heavy decoration. The sofa is a very important component in the decoration of the living room. For large houses, there is no sofa at home, and the whole living room looks empty. For small houses, whether to put the sofa or not depends on the actual situation. So, the impact of no sofa at home on Feng Shui

the living room should be decorated with high and low, mountains and water. Feng Shui pays attention to the high as the mountain and the low as the water

from the perspective of Feng Shui in the living room, there are high and low, mountains and water, which can produce Feng Shui effect! Treat the sofa as water and the TV cabinet as a mountain. This kind of collocation is a perfect match and helps to enhance family and career luck. However, if the whole living room is a little higher than the sofa, it is possible to pay attention to the feng shui of the whole living room

the sofa must be placed in the auspicious side of the house: because the sofa is the daily sitting and lying place of a family, if it is placed in the auspicious position, all the children and old can be infected with the prosperity of this position. The sofa should be placed in the four auspicious directions of the East, Southeast, South and north of the living room

for the West four houses, the sofa should be placed in the four auspicious directions of southwest, due west, northwest and northeast of the living room. If we divide them carefully, although they are the same four houses in the East, they can be divided into East, Southeast, South and North; The same is the West four houses, but it can be divided into southwest, West, northwest and northeast

according to the acquired eight trigrams of the book of changes, the choice of placing the sofa will be based on the fact that there should be a cushion behind the sofa: it means that there is a solid wall behind the sofa, which is reliable, which is in line with the way of Feng Shui. Natural marble was used as the back of the chairs used in the palace relocation in the previous dynasty, and the patterns on them were better if there was a hidden mountain view. If there were windows, doors or passages behind the sofa, it would be that there was no backing behind the sofa, and there was no sense of security. If there were doors or passages behind the sofa, we should worry about being attacked behind the sofa. It would be better to sit back against a solid wall. If there was no reliable and effective way to communicate with the sofa, The low cabinet or screen can be placed behind the sofa, and there should be no water behind the sofa. Therefore, it is not suitable to decorate the aquarium, Feng Shui wheel and other decorative furnishings with water

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