Can I put a rack on the toilet on Feng Shui

There are many bacteria in the toilet. As we all know, many people idle all the space near the toilet. In fact, this is a great waste. For convenience, some people directly install a storage rack on the toilet for bathing. In fact, hanging the towel on the toilet is a very unsanitary storage method, because the towel rack directly faces the toilet, and the peculiar smell directly affects the towel. Therefore, the towel rack is generally not recommended to be placed on the toilet

What are the conditions for placing the storage rack? First of all, let’s talk about its environmental factors. As we all know, due to the heavy moisture in the kitchen space, some ordinary solid wood hanger materials seem inappropriate, while those of plastic, stainless steel and space aluminum hangers are more reassuring. From the perspective of load-bearing, plastic materials should be completely exploded by stainless steel, but the price of stainless steel is relatively expensive. Many people choose compromise plastic steel materials

next, let’s talk about the conditions of placement. Therefore, the original intention of placing it is not to place toilet paper, so it can be placed higher, but it can not be separated from the scope that people must be able to reach when sitting in the toilet. Therefore, generally speaking, its height range is about 30cm above the water tank

finally, the layout skills of hangers. Generally speaking, hangers in the market need to be drilled for installation, while ceramic tile walls are more common in the rear area of toilet. There is no doubt that this adds a lot of difficulty to the construction of many families. Therefore, for some self installation owners, it is more convenient to choose adhesive design or design without drilling

so don’t hang a towel above the toilet. You can use some small objects to place the towel in a relatively dry position, which can avoid the breeding of bacteria in the towel and make good use of the free space around the toilet as storage. But how to arrange the space around the toilet and where to place the towel? Next, Fstips will teach you a few tricks. It is suggested that you install it like this, which is super practical, ingenious, neat and practical, and makes the bathroom clean and spacious

1. Towel rack

you can use the spare position next to the washing table to install such a towel rack without punching. This towel rack does not need to be customized or perforated. It can be rotated and spaced. In this way, it can avoid the wet stacking of towels, and keep each towel at a certain distance, so as to achieve the purpose of ventilation and easy cleaning

2. Toilet storage rack

the space on the toilet is actually large, but it’s best not to hang towels on it. You can use this space to place such a storage rack. This storage rack adopts different levels, which can well store all kinds of toiletries. When using it, you don’t have to look everywhere. You can take it easily. You can also place some potted plants or magazines, which not only beautifies the bathroom environment, but also makes use of the space to make the bathroom look clean and spacious

3. The storage rack above the toilet

some home bathrooms are relatively small, and the storage rack will occupy a place. We can start with a top shelf without punching. This shelf is designed in three layers. The bottom can accommodate washing, and the top dry layer can be used to stack towels. In this way, it can not only store, but also make use of space, which is very convenient and practical

4. Wash towel rack

in addition to the small objects above, you can also start with this towel storage rack. This storage rack can be used to place cosmetics and paper towels on the top and hang towels on the bottom. It is also a hole free design. It is casually placed next to the washstand or door in the bathroom, which not only avoids the trouble of occupying space on the ground, but also brings convenience to access. It is really super practical

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