How to feng shui your car

As you know, feng shui exist anywhere our home, office, yard, and garden .Feng shui also exit in our car. Getting positive feng shui energy Chi in our car can help us to have good driving mood and safe driving. There are some feng shui tips for your cars to get good feng shui in our cars.

Feng shui tips for car
Feng shui tips for car
  1. Remove the trash out of car and keep all the things tidy and clean in your car. As feng shui beginner, we know that trash and clutter can bring negative Chi. Old magazines, papers and package bags, empty plastic cups, just to get trash bag in your car and place them in it then take them out.
  2. Do not place any toys or objects with fierce sign. Such as fierce toys, tiger, lion and any other horrible objects. Those horrible and fierce objects will bring negative feng shui energy Chi in our cars. You also need to remember that no any horrible and fierce painting on your car also.
  3. Decorate your car by placing auspicious ornaments. You can place some auspicious ornaments per your favorite five elements.
  4. Choice the suitable color is also very important for car feng shui. You can chose the car’s color per your favorite five elements;  If your favorite five elements is Metal: Golden, white color is good choice for you. Also the main color of interior decoration also shall be similar. Favorite five elements is wood: Blue, green are very suitable color for you. Favorite five elements is Water;Black car is very good choice for you; Favorite five elements is Fire; red or purple car is good car for you; If your five elements is water; White car is suitable for you; This is for reference. You also need to ensure that you like it. That is very important for you also;
  5. Check and maintain your car regularly. It is very important to check and maintain car to keep it in good condition. The engine, tyre, brake system and so on.

Finally keep in minds that treat your car as your family member, you will benefit from your car. Good luck!

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