How to arrange table seats

In modern families, as long as the family members are fixed, which position everyone sits in when eating is generally fixed. On the one hand, it is because of habit, on the other hand, it is for convenience. If the seat is sitting for a long time, it will have a certain adaptability and form a certain atmosphere around. It is best not to change the seat at will, so as not to damage the balance around and cause discomfort to the human body

therefore, when arranging table seats, try to fix the seats of each family member. When fixing the seats, you need to determine the most favorable position for yourself according to the identity of different people

specifically, four auspicious directions can be determined according to the sitting direction or air inlet of the house, namely, angry side, Yannian side, Tianyi side and Fu position

if the male owner of a family undertakes the economic support of the family, the male owner of the family should sit in the direction facing the angry side

the mother is the mother who gives birth to children and presides over ” Internal affairs; If yes, the seat should face the extension of the year

the elders and old people in the family are the symbols of happiness, health and longevity, and their seats should face the doctor’s prescription

the children of a family need to make progress in reading and have a good fortune in Wenchang, so the seat should be facing the couch

in short, it’s best to choose the most favorable seat according to the different identities of family members, and then fix it

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