What should we pay attention to when the gate is installed on Feng Shui

A: the gate is like a person’s facade. Problems with Feng Shui are bound to affect fortune. General residential gate should pay attention to the following points:

1. The size of the gate should be proportional to the house

2. The color should not be black, but should match the five element orientation

3. The iron gate in front of the gate should not be closed, or the shape is indecent, forming an iron rope or prison shape

4. The gate shall not be deflected (the inclined gate is homonymous with the evil gate)

5. The gate shall not be high and low at the same time

6. The gate is worn and should be replaced as soon as possible

7. The gate cannot be directly connected to the rear door and window (chuanxinzhai)

8. The gate should be equipped with the opening method of Heyang residence school, which is related to healthy financial luck. It’s best to ask a master for identification

9. The beam shall not be pressed on the gate

10. Do not make arch doors for residential gates

of course, there will be some ways to crack it. For example, the pressure beam of the gate, especially the small suite building, directly presses a girder on the gate leading to the outside, which will feel its pressure before entering and leaving, which has a very adverse impact on health. The solution is to hang a happy tent in front of the door, or a cloth curtain printed with the pattern of five blessings at the door. Another example is door to door confrontation, which means that the doors of two families in feng shui will cross infect each other with bad gas fields, which should be avoided. The solution is that after one of the families enters the gate, they should separate the porch space and let the evil spirit revolve, instead of inserting into the room like a sharp blade. There is also a ladder when the door opens. It is common in ordinary apartment houses that once the door is opened, they immediately encounter a staircase or elevator that goes down. In this way, people who go out will suddenly feel falling, nervous, prone to car accidents and unable to keep their money. The cracking method is to place a mirror on the wall or corner of the lower stairs, and the refraction in the mirror makes the stairs become an upward trend, or post bird patterns to improve the luck of birds flying high

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