Why should I hang a brush on my desk

Brush is the first of the four treasures of study. It has a history of thousands of years. It can increase a certain literary luck. Moreover, the shape of the brush is similar to that of Wenchang tower. The nib on it is like the sharp spire, and the long pen body is like the tower body of Wenchang tower. This shape can attract Wenchang luck

the brush holder is made of bamboo and the pen head is made of animal hair. Bamboo is an auspicious plant that can promote study and career. Animals are often spiritual, so hanging a brush on the desk is easier to get inspiration and more literary, just as the ancients said & ldquo; A good pen makes flowers

the brush should be hung on the desk in the study and equipped with corresponding pen holder. It is best to hang one or four brushes, & ldquo; I & rdquo; Indicates that you can & ldquo; Wholeheartedly & rdquo; Study and work hard, & ldquo; IV & rdquo; Implies & ldquo; Ambition of the four directions;, It symbolizes great ambition

the brush belongs to wood, so it should not be next to metal products or items belonging to soil, otherwise it will inhibit the Feng Shui Effect of the brush. The used or worn-out brush should be burned, rather than thrown into the dustbin at will, so as not to infringe Wenchang star and ruin Wenchang Yun