Feng Shui problems in house decoration

As we all know, the geomantic omen of our surrounding environment has a great impact on our fortune. The geomantic omen of houses will naturally affect the fortune of residents. Therefore, geomantic omen is emphasized everywhere in life; So in Feng Shui, what are the Feng Shui problems in house decoration? The following is the relevant articles compiled by Fstips. Let’s have a look

Feng Shui problems in house decoration

Feng Shui problems in house decoration

I. use God in combination with the owner’s destiny and choose furniture of appropriate materials. If you want to choose furniture that can help you get lucky, it is very important to first find the God who likes to use the home owner. Only when we know the owner’s God of liking and using, can we choose and determine the furniture material, color and placement position according to the God of liking and using. Now there are many kinds of furniture materials. In summary, they mainly include wood, metal, glass, rattan weaving, software, plastic, man-made board and so on. Therefore, we can choose suitable furniture materials according to the owner’s preference. If the owner of the home decides to use Camptotheca, the furniture he chooses should be mainly made of wood; If fortune likes gold, it should choose metal furniture, such as iron, alloy, aluminum furniture, and so on

II. It is both functional and practical, with unified color matching. In terms of furniture function and practicability, we should fully consider the actual needs and space requirements of home and choose furniture with corresponding functions. In terms of style coordination and unity, one is to pay attention to the unity of color system. The colors between furniture and furniture should be matched reasonably to achieve the effect of harmonious coexistence, rather than the conflict between color systems. This will not only affect the beauty, but also adversely affect the vision and spirit of people at home. The point that needs to be emphasized here is that the furniture color system should achieve harmony and unity on the premise of conforming to the owner’s fate, likes and dislikes, so as to play the role of both beauty and transportation

III. make rational use of space and find auspicious directions. After purchasing the corresponding furniture, the next step is how to place it. There is a principle here, that is, the placement of furniture should not only comply with the utilization of space, but also be placed in the corresponding good and bad positions according to its nature. For example, friends who like reading must like to put a big bookcase in the bedroom. From the perspective of space utilization, combined or compound bookcases can be used to save space. For example, bookcases and desks are integrated, and computers can be placed at the same time. This multifunctional furniture can make better use of space. From the perspective of auspicious position, the desk and bookcase should be placed in Wenchang position, which not only helps to concentrate and gather Qi, but also helps to think and write notes, so as to make the desk truly realize its value

What Feng Shui problems should we pay attention to in house decoration

the porch should not be low

the porch of the gate is like the throat of the human body, and it is also the mouth to accept Qi in Feng Shui. Don’t make the ceiling of the porch very low during decoration. If it is too low, it will give people a sense of oppression, which is unlucky. The symbol is difficult to get out of the pass and oppressed. Don’t set up a mirror at the entrance. The mirror reflection can’t face the door, otherwise the wealth and good luck will also be reflected, which belongs to the practice of not gathering wealth

don’t commit door flushing

door flushing is a big taboo of Feng Shui. You also need to pay attention to when decorating. The bedroom door should not face the kitchen door, bathroom door and door. The kitchen door can’t face the bathroom door or the door. In short, it’s not advisable for the two doors to be opposite. The relative air convection between the two doors is not conducive to the accumulation of wind and gas. Moreover, the stuffy door also calls for disputes between right and wrong, which affects the harmony of the family and destroys the feelings of the family. If there is a relatively stuffy situation, potted plants, screens or some furniture should be used as a barrier

the head of the bed cannot face the kitchen or bathroom

the bed is where we rest. When we sleep, we face the bathroom. The bathroom is where there is plenty of water. The Yin is too heavy and we don’t sleep. It’s easier to have bad dreams in the bedroom. It’s easier to have bad feelings in the bathroom. If you’re close to the bathroom, it’s easier to have bad feelings. And the kitchen is the place to make a fire and cook, Lord Fulu. It is a place with heavy fire. The head of the bed faces the kitchen. It is easy to have a headache and sleep well. In short ” Water “” Fire ” ; It’s best to avoid it when sleeping

the light in the living room should not be too dark

Feng Shui pays attention to the bright hall and dark room. The daylighting and ventilation effect of the living room must be done well. A bright living room is conducive to smooth family luck and wealth accumulation. The dark living room is subjectively uncomfortable. The living room is a place for guests and the gathering place of family members. If it is too dark, it is not conducive to long-term treatment. In this way, there will be a lack of harmonious and lively atmosphere at home. In addition, the living room is too dark, which is also prone to damage the health of family members

Feng Shui problems that must be paid attention to in second-hand houses

Feng Shui precautions for buying second-hand houses

1. It is very important to feel

before moving into the house. Only when you feel comfortable at first sight, it means that the atmosphere of the house is in harmony with you and life will be smooth in the future

2. Understand the original head of household

when purchasing, it is also necessary to understand the original head of household. If the head of household wants to change a big house, the house can be purchased at ease; If the head of household goes bankrupt, it needs careful consideration. Because it has something to do with the fate of the house

3. Understand the fortune of the house

before buying a house, you should understand the fortune of the house. If the fortune of the house has changed from prosperity to decline, you should give up buying

4. Observe the surrounding conditions

when buying a house, we should understand the surrounding conditions, such as health, neighbors, transportation, etc. we should choose a house with favorable weather, place and people, so as to be more conducive to our development

5. Redecorating

redecorating a second-hand house is necessary. Only in this way can we clean up the bad luck and bad luck left by the former owner, so that the house really belongs to you and can be used by you

six Feng Shui taboos in second-hand house decoration

1. The gate and balcony are straight, and they also need to be separated by a screen or porch, because the front and back are transparent, you can see through the gate and balcony at a glance, as the saying goes: ” Before and after, people and money are empty” ; And the wind blowing through the hall is easy to get sick

2. The gate is facing the elevator or stairs, which is a violation. Originally, the house was a place for Qi accumulation and health preservation. Now it is directly opposite to the elevator and stairs, and the anger in the house is absorbed by it. It can be said that it is taboo

3. If the gate is directly facing the corridor, it is also a shock. The longer the corridor is, the worse it is for the home. This is called the pattern of heart piercing sword. If there is no screen in the door, it is not suitable for living

4. The door cannot face the toilet door directly. Imagine that people see the toilet as soon as they enter the door, what is the function of the house? The joy of entering the door will turn into bad luck. In addition, the bedroom door and toilet door can not be directly opposite, and the bedroom door and bedroom door can not be directly opposite, which all make the mistake of door flushing

5. If there is a beam in the house, living room or dining room, remember not to press the bed and seat, and the ceiling should be high rather than low

6. Try not to have too many sharp corners inside the house. Many modern high-rise residential living rooms are diamond shaped, and sharp corners often appear, which not only has bad Qi, but also makes the living room lose harmony and unity

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