New house decoration taboos can not be ignored Feng Shui taboos

After buying a new house, it is natural to decorate it, but now many young people decorate the house in full accordance with their preferences in order to highlight personalization. The final decorated house may have a good visual effect, but the feng shui of this kind of house is not necessarily good

this is also the main reason why many young people feel that their fortunes are not smooth. Poor Feng Shui in residential decoration will inevitably have a great impact on the fortunes of their owners. After all, people live in their own house for the longest time, so Feng Shui in the house also has a great impact on people’s fortunes

What Feng Shui taboos should we pay attention to when decorating a new house? Here we will give you a brief introduction. I hope you can take a warning and avoid violating these decoration taboos

taboos on new house decoration should not be ignored. Feng Shui taboos on house decoration

1. Door selection: the door is the air inlet of the house, so when selecting the door, we must pay attention to the Feng Shui of the door. In Feng Shui, we believe that arch or child parent doors are doors with poor Feng Shui, so we must not buy these two kinds of doors when buying them, otherwise it will inevitably cause serious damage to the feng shui of the house

2. Position of doors and windows: the door cannot be opposite to the back door or the window, otherwise it will form a hall evil spirit, which will also affect the fortune of the family. Moreover, it is not conducive to wealth. The wealth entering the home is discharged directly from the back door or window. In this way, it will naturally lead to poor Feng Shui in the house and the leakage of family wealth

3. Furnishings: more attention must be paid to the furnishings in the house. Different items have different Feng Shui meanings, so it will also have a great impact on the fortunes of the family. For example, the placement of the aquarium and the location of the aquarium will have an impact on the family

there are still many Feng Shui taboos to pay attention to during decoration. In short, we should ensure residential Feng Shui as much as possible in order to ensure the smooth fortune of residents

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