What plants are placed at home to benefit Feng Shui

Using indoor plants to increase house transportation is very important for the selection of plants. For the selection of plant categories, first of all, we should choose plants that are beneficial to health. Some plants will have a negative effect on people’s body and can’t be selected

secondly, it is better to choose evergreen plants in the living room, so that the improvement effect of plants on the indoor environment will not be affected by the season. Thirdly, it’s best to choose plants with auspicious names. Seeing these plants and thinking of these auspicious names can virtually help transportation

in the selection of plant morphology, the shape of leaves should be broad, round and shiny. Plants with good growth and vitality should be selected to promote transportation; It is not suitable to choose dying plants, which will hinder the development of transportation

plants should also be selected according to the needs of each location in the home. Ask about the growth environment of all kinds of plants and choose the place suitable for the placement environment. For example, plants that like Yang should be selected in the sunny window. In this way, plants will grow well, flourish, have longer vitality and have a better impact on house transportation

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