What are the taboos for placing Buddha statues

In order to pray for peace, many people like to worship Buddha statues or hang them around their necks. Only by understanding some Feng Shui taboos related to Buddha statues can they achieve their wishes

specifically, there are the following taboos:

(1) do not lock the Buddha in the safe as an antique, which will make the family unsafe

(2) do not place the Buddha in the bedroom

(3) old Buddha statues should not be discarded casually. They should be invited to temples or burned with gold paper

(4) the Buddha statue in the car should face the front

(5) Buddha statues cannot be placed in drawers

(6) don’t roll up the Buddha wall chart, otherwise it will give people a headache

(7) if the Buddha statues are damaged or broken, they should be burned in the sun in the middle of the first, third, fifth, seventh and ninth days (fruit is better) and sent back to their original place (double day and double hour can also be used)

(8) if the eyes and fingers of the Buddha are damaged, they should be repaired and repainted in time, otherwise the family is prone to the same strange disease

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