What Feng Shui designs does the window have

The setting of windows in the room is not only conducive to the lighting of the room, but also to promote the air flow and improve the indoor air. Therefore, when designing windows, it is best to open a window from east to west or north to south, so as to make the air convection and keep the fresh air in the room, so as to ensure the health of the family

there is also a certain emphasis on the way of opening windows in Feng Shui. Try to avoid going up or down, because this can only open half a window, which is not conducive to air convection, and will also lead to the disadvantageous career of residents. It’s best to open the window outward, which will enhance the atmosphere of residents’ career success, eliminate pollution and absorb fresh air

in my hometown, I often see some old houses with split windows, some open to the outside and some open to the inside. Either way, the window interferes with the area outside the window and disturbs the gas field in the house. But relatively speaking, opening windows inward is more dangerous

this is because it encroaches on the indoor area, which is easy to make residents timid and timid. To solve the problem of opening windows, some simple measures can be taken, such as putting a few potted flowers or a piano under the window to increase indoor energy; For upward windows, you can paint the windows with bright colors and cover them with shutters

the window is the entrance for the family to vent. Open the window every day to ensure enough air and light in the room. This is not only conducive to health, but also auspicious in Feng Shui

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