What should be put on the desk

Desk supplies should also be placed in accordance with Feng Shui ” Left green dragon, right White Tiger ” ; Only by adhering to the principle of, can we improve people’s luck. Moreover, people’s gender is also closely related to the Feng Shui Effect of placing supplies on the desk

for men, the green dragon position on the left hand should move, which is the best Feng Shui. Therefore, when placing desk supplies, items such as telephone, desk lamp and fax should be placed on the left. For women, on the contrary, all kinds of important items should be placed on the right hand side, so as to drive the white tiger position and improve their luck

if there are only desks, bookcases, chairs and computers in the study, it will appear cold and unpopular. However, if it is matched with some plants, it is not only good for the air, but also conducive to thinking

the study can choose mangosteen, asparagus, Fugui bamboo, xiangxuelan, Fengwei bamboo, Lanzhu flower, etc., which can concentrate and dredge the orifices and prevent insomnia. In addition, it is better to put these plants in the Wenchang position of the owner, which is conducive to improving the Wenchang luck of the owner

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