How to decorate children’s room

The area and orientation of the children’s room are generally less than that of the master bedroom, but it is not easy to achieve environmental protection, safety and beauty in decoration. Therefore, pay attention to the following points during decoration:

1. Choose environmental protection materials

because children’s resistance is not as good as adults, environmental protection materials must be selected for the use of materials in the whole room, and this must be closely adhered to during construction to create a comfortable living and learning environment for children

2. Don’t have edges and corners. The power supply is the most important thing to pay attention to. Because children have strong curiosity and low vigilance to danger, the power supply must be set up safely. It is best to install the power supply facilities at a high position, or close them, use safety plugs, etc. it is best to install smoke detectors in the room to prevent fire

3, choose beautiful and bright lamps

children’s body is growing, and the lack of light will cause damage to their eyesight. p”gt;

4. Although the children’s room is small, it has great functions. It is a place for rest, reading and entertainment. During decoration, different functional designs should be made according to children’s characteristics and interests, and the whole room should be used properly. Furniture may wish to choose easy to move and high combination, which is convenient to readjust the space at any time

for children’s simple and naive nature, the decoration of children’s room should be as simple and clear as possible. Too complex decoration will make the room look messy. Try not to hang all kinds of strange decorations and too many wind chimes in the room, which is easy to lead to children’s neurasthenia. It’s best not to put a tape recorder at the head of a child’s bed, otherwise it will easily lead to brain neurasthenia. In short, the decoration of children’s room should not only facilitate cleaning, but also be beneficial to children’s growth

in order to cultivate children’s rich imagination and stimulate their novel creativity, children’s rooms are often decorated with various patterns. Feng Shui believes that when arranging patterns, we should follow the principle of the five elements and use various patterns to make up for the lack of the five elements for children

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