What picture is hung at the head of the bed in the bedroom

Many people like to hang pictures on the head of the bed, but if the pictures are not hung well, it will affect their health. So, what’s a good picture to hang at the head of the ? What taboos should we pay attention to when hanging pictures at the head of the bed? Here are some information about the hanging pictures at the head of the bed. Let’s have a look

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What’s good to hang at the head of the bed

Feng Shui taboo of hanging pictures at the head of the bed in the bedroom

1. It’s not suitable to hang too large pictures. If the hanging pictures at the head of the bed are too large, you can’t be careless. The hanging pictures at the head of the bed can’t be too large. The hanging pictures at the head of the bed can add elegance to the bedroom, but it’s better to be light and short, The most taboo is the painting with thick and large frame. If there is one in case, the hook will fall and cut off when the head is cut off, which will hurt you if you don’t die, so you have to pay attention

2. It is not suitable to hang paintings with black tone or too dark color, because such paintings look heavy and depressing, which makes people depressed, pessimistic and lack vitality. It also makes you unable to sleep well every night, which is inseparable from the tragedy of insomnia every day

3. The setting sun should not be hung, such as the sunset picture, ” The sunset is infinitely good ” , Maybe it’s beautiful, ” Just near dusk, The moral is that the west is heavy and not good. Can you get up after a deep sleep

4. Don’t hang messy and confusing pictures. Some abstract art pictures are too dark, messy and incomprehensible, which will make the family unstable and unstable. It’s best not to hang up

5. It is not suitable to hang pictures of floods and beasts. A flood is a picture of a waterfall or something; Beasts refer to pictures of tigers coming down the mountain and eagles pouncing on food, which makes you unlucky and unhealthy

6. It is not suitable to hang the painting theme of abrupt objects such as vultures and boulders, nor cat paintings, which may cause harm and theft

what is painted on the top of the bedroom head?

landscape painting is a part of the overall home decoration design. It is the essence of feng shui theory and can be transformed into a practical way to collocation interior decoration. From the decoration of living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, furniture and home decoration, Feng Shui layout, from career, health and love to the improvement of

family fortune, everyone must do it, but everyone can use Feng Shui painting on the spot to improve the quality of life and fortune at home

in short, one is Feng Shui and the other is decoration. Aesthetic orientation and taking care of the living room ecosystem are very necessary. Poetry cloud room elegant why big, flower fragrance is not much. The use of Feng Shui painting is not much, but in the essence. The beauty lies in the adjustment of Feng Shui conditions and turning stone into gold. In the same viewing space, it makes up for the deficiency of the main house in Feng Shui, and reflects a good situation that pays attention to the balance of ecological environment and artistic harmony, so as to basically improve the quality of life. Because Feng Shui painting can remedy the five elements of fate, Feng Shui painting is more common. It can be hung in guests, restaurants, study or toilets, or show atmosphere or elegance, pleasing to the eyes and eyes Imagine: in a room decorated with Feng Shui paintings, when others enter, they can feel the strong artistic atmosphere and incomparably comfortable. In fact, there are Feng Shui mysteries hidden in each painting. Only the owner of the house knows that it is a good ecological mystery. This feeling is really wonderful

landscape painting generally emphasizes that the part of water represents the source of wealth, and the flowing water, such as waterfalls, is a good omen of continuous flow.

mountain means to rely on the mountain, which will be encountered in business or career.

landscape painting is a traditional auspicious painting in China, which means evergreen, back to the mountain, long flow of water (wealth) and peace

the landscape of the cornucopia. It can be seen from the bottom of the painting that all water (wealth) flows to Tanzhong and gathers, but does not flow out, which means gathering wealth

what picture is suitable for hanging at the bedside of the bedroom

the bedroom takes elegance, warmth and romance as the main tone, and the calligraphy works hung should focus on tranquility, tranquility, joy and harmony. It is advisable to choose Static paintings, both Chinese and Western paintings. Chinese calligraphy and painting should focus on calligraphy, peony, plum, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum and other calligraphy and painting works with a lively and relaxed atmosphere of life. Like the picture of bamboo, like the three friends of winter; Or plum blossom chart, which is also very good. The main purpose of putting pictures in the bedroom is to make the owner feel warm and beautiful, and let people relax at the same time. Therefore, the choice of characters, human bodies and flowers in bedroom calligraphy and painting is a good theme. At the same time, small landscape paintings with beautiful artistic conception and warm animal paintings can be used

calligraphy works are hung in the study, such as ” Tranquility leads to distance ” ” Watching the sea and listening to the waves” Room quiet Orchid ” ; Wait, it’s all very elegant

the bedroom is a place to rest every day. It is a quiet and warm place. If you hang pictures in the bedroom, it is recommended to choose warm flower and bird paintings, peony paintings and other calligraphy and painting works. The bedroom is not suitable for hanging beast pictures. Hanging tiger pictures in the bedroom will make people feel uncomfortable. At the same time, we should pay attention to the size of the hanging picture in the bedroom. When hanging at the head of the bed or on the side wall, we should grasp the size and size, so as to appear coordinated and comfortable

the bedroom is a hotbed of wonderful dreams and whimsical ideas, and a catalyst for grafting reality and dreams. As a decorative painting in the bedroom, of course, it needs to reflect ” Lie down ” ; The unity of emotion and beauty. One third of one’s life is spent in the bedroom, and bedroom Feng Shui is very important. Through the color, modeling, image and artistic treatment of decorative paintings, they show a comfortable, relaxed and cordial artistic conception in three dimensions. Therefore, hanging several calligraphy and paintings in bedroom decoration can not only beautify the bedroom environment, but also play a role of prosperous Ding and wealth for home feng shui. Of course, it depends on the owner’s preference and matching with the style of the room. Calligraphy and painting can not only represent the owner’s taste and cultivation, but also reflect the owner’s interest

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