Bedroom lighting decoration Feng Shui taboo

When night falls, the lights are on, the whole family reunites, and the lights bring warmth to the night. Good home feng shui is indispensable light decoration Feng Shui note that there can be no strong light on the bedroom bed. In this place, there needs to be gentle light, so that people can go to sleep slowly. If the strong light is in the middle of the bed, it is difficult for you to fall asleep, so over time, it will cause brain neurasthenia, heart disease or pharyngitis, mastitis, lesbian gynecological disease, gay prostate, and even more serious. Lesbians have surgery, such as abortion and inflammation

lamp decoration Feng Shui

lighting decoration Feng Shui

1. Skillfully use lighting to increase wealth

in home lighting Feng Shui, it is mentioned that topaz itself has the energy to attract partial wealth. If the topaz lamp is hung on the wealth position at home, it can increase the wealth of the owner. Coupled with the brightness of the light, it can give full play to its role in Attracting Wealth, especially partial wealth

2. The peach blossoms are not flourishing, and the lighting comes to help

want to add points to your good fortune. So don’t be afraid to put a pink crystal lamp in the peach blossom position at home. Use the effect of pink crystal to attract peach blossom to give full play to the light energy of pink crystal lamp

3. Harm of buffering beam capping

I believe everyone knows that beam capping is a big taboo in household Feng Shui, so how to solve this problem? In fact, it is also a good choice to install a wall lamp under the beam and use the upward light to alleviate the harm caused by the beam capping

4. Dark hall and bright room, inside and outside upside down

in Home Feng Shui ” Bright hall and dark room, It is said that the light in the living room should be bright, while the light in the bedroom should be darker. If the opposite is true in the use of lighting, it may cause immeasurable bad effects

5. Improper lighting will bring endless future trouble

lighting can play a good role in Feng Shui, but improper use may leave no small hidden dangers in Feng Shui. For example, lamps with strange shapes will have bad meanings in Feng Shui, which will be unfavorable to the host. Therefore, it is appropriate to choose round and square shapes when choosing lighting shapes

bedroom lamp decoration Feng Shui

I. bedroom lamp Feng Shui – light source color

don’t underestimate the lamp color. A good color light source will make the bedroom decoration more warm and romantic. It’s best to focus on warm colors. Generally, there are yellow light sources and white light sources, coupled with appropriate cold colors, and the bedroom will be more suitable for people to live

II. Feng Shui of bedroom lamps — coordinated style

in choosing the style of bedroom lamps, we should consider the design style of home in an all-round way. It is not difficult to take it for granted. Because good style will bring good luck to people. Classical lamps symbolize career luck, and fashionable lamps help progress. Do not choose lamps with too many edges and corners

III. Feng Shui of bedroom lamps — quantity control

because different lamps can create different atmospheres, when decorating the bedroom, people always like to choose flashing lights or decorate the room with a large number of lamps to create a romantic atmosphere, but the best number of bedroom lamps is odd, and the phenomenon of three lamps side by side should be avoided

IV. Feng Shui of bedroom lamps – Installation orientation

the placement and installation of lamps cannot be arbitrary, because improper placement may bring great inconvenience and pressure to people’s life and sleep. Generally, lamps with strong light should not be placed at the head of the bed, and chandeliers should not be installed directly above the bed, so as not to cause people’s mental pressure

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