Will the rockery waterfall in front of the house affect Feng Shui

in order to add vitality to the courtyard, many units or residential communities will set rockery waterfalls in the courtyard to make people feel the beauty of mountains and rivers in the courtyard. In fact, this setting is not ideal in Feng Shui. Because the waterfall is ” Waterfall surface water ” , The sound of running water sounds like someone crying in front of the door all year round, which will cause the family to be pessimistic and cry. The people living in it can’t save money and suffer from poverty and illness

generally, there is water in front of the house, which is called ” Sad water, Can cause divorce or widowhood

  ” Drench back water ” ; And ” Sad crying water ” ; On the contrary, the water comes from the back, which will make the people living here unhappy, poor and sick

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